Supporting Old Student Email (

What was Communicated to the Students?

Email sent to Students (May 17th)

Subject: Scheduled Maintenance on Student Google Accounts

This summer we will be restructuring the student Google accounts.

Student Google accounts (Email, Drive, Calendar, Sites, Contacts, etc.) will be unavailable for a time period sometime between June 3th and June 10th. We hope to keep this to as short a time period as possible.

As a result of the restructuring, you will get a new account with the same email address, username, and password. All the stuff from your old account will be archived and will still be available to you (more information to come).

Email sent to Students (Jun 13th)

Subject: Don't Panic!

All of your old Google content (email, documents, calendars, contacts, etc.) has been archived; you can still access it by logging in with a slightly modified username:

Old Email Login

      Username: first.l123 @
      Password: same password you currently use

Instructions are also available if you'd like to move your content from the old account to the new account:

Accessing Old Student Email and Documents

Reason for Change

For years, Google has recommended we merge the management of our and domains. Our current configuration sometimes causes problems or delays especially for new features (like when we started using Google Classroom and students could not email their teachers).

Now that many other school districts have successfully made this change, we are going to do so. Here are a few expected benefits of making this change:
  • Allows additional features of tools like Clever (For example K-1 students will be able to login to Chromebooks with a QR code)
  • Reduces issues with sharing documents etc. between teachers and students
  • Allows more granular distribution of Chromebook Apps and Google Services
  • Allows Chromebook user logging (who used this chromebook last?)
  • And more.

Support for Students

Students can access their account at any time, or if desired they can transfer their content from to the new instructions are available on the district's Student Homepage as Accessing Old Student Email and Documents.

Known Issues

Chromebooks Caching sessions

Problem: Some Chromebooks have cached the student's session and puts them into even when they are logging into 

Solution: We think we have solved this issue by temporarily disabling the oldstu accounts. If still seeing this issue contact don [dot] remy [at] nebo [dot] edu or david [dot] wadley [at] nebo [dot] edu with the student's email address, and they will clear that session cookie manually.

Drive files shared with students prior to June 10th, 2022

Problem: Any Google Drive files/folders shared with students prior to the change will still be shared to the account.

Solution: Visit the Share settings for the file in question, remove the student and re-add their new account.

Difficulty accessing Canvas

Problem: Canvas uses the first google account logged into to authenticate for Canvas. If that default account is not the new student account, it will error out.

Solution: On a personal Chromebook, do not use the user, but rather add a new user for the user. It may be necessary to "power wash" the Chromebook if this user fails continuously. On a regular computer, sign-out of all google accounts, then log into the user first.