What is Open Enrollment?

Open Enrollment allows students to apply to go to a school outside their resident school boundaries. Not all schools are eligible and eligibility changes periodically depending on student enrollment. See Full Description.

Any questions about Open Enrollment can be directed to the following:

  • Troy Bohling, Open Enrollment Coordinator – 801-354-7417 or troy.bohling@nebo.edu
  • Liana Jackson, Secondary Education Secretary – 801-354-7420 or liana.jackson@nebo.edu

Enrollment Capacity Report

The Enrollment Capacity Report shows the capacity of each school. If a school has met its capacity, it is 'closed' to new enrollments via Open Enrollment.

Open Enrollment Policy

Open Enrollment Forms

Please use the following form to apply for Open Enrollment.

  • Early Open Enrollment for 2019-20 Early Open Enrollment (Submitted between December 1 and the third Friday in February in order to transfer the FOLLOWING school year)
  • Late Open Enrollment Application Late Open Enrollment (Submitted for the CURRENT school year OR submitted after the third Friday in February for next school year)

Open Enrollment Fee

If you didn't pay the Open Enrollment Fee as part to the application, pay with the following link: