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Anonymously Report Fraud.
(Employees may fill out an anonymous email form, which will be sent to multiple Nebo School District administrators.)
Contact Information
Business Administrator: Tracy Olsen
(801) 354-7427
Assistant Business Administrator: Michael Harrison
(801) 354-7477
Accountant: Kandie Jensen
Department Secretary: Kaye Davies
(801) 354-7412
Accounts payable:
Cia Bates
(801) 354-7411

Heather Obrey
(801) 354-7411
Payroll Manager: Paula Quay
(801) 354-7430
Payroll Specialists: Kathryn Bringhurst
(801) 354-7429

Shelia Shaw
(801) 354-7468

Brittany Bray
(801) 354-7412

Stacy Johnson
Payroll Secretaries: Andrea Sorensen
(801) 354-7431

Hollie Hullinger
(801) 354-7431

Annual Financial Reports

Budget Reports & Information



Policies and Procedures

Below are common finance-related policies and procedures.  A complete list of District policies is also available.