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IT Specialist Request Send Device for Repair

Tech Help

Wireless Network: Instructions to access the wireless network.

Home Use Anti-Virus: Nebo recommends that employees use an Anti-virus product on their home computers to prevent the spread of viruses onto work computers.  One recommended option is Sophos Home.

Wireless Guest Pass: This link is for those able to create wireless guest passes.

Support Portal: Allow a District IT Specialist to remote control your computer.


Contact Information
Coordinator: Reese Brunson
(801) 354-7402
reese [dot] brunson [at] nebo [dot] edu
Software Specialist/Secretary: Suzette Lindquist
(801) 354-7402
suzette [dot] lindquist [at] nebo [dot] edu

Software Specialist/Aspire SIS Support: Tricia Nielson
(801) 354-7408
tricia [dot] nielson [at] nebo [dot] edu
Webmaster: David Wadley
david [dot] wadley [at] nebo [dot] edu