Use to lookup advice of deposits (paycheck information), lookup leave, and to change your address and phone numbers ("demographics").

Employee Service Portal Access

Login to Employee Service Portal

Employee Service Portal Help

Create an Account

  1. Click on the Create an account link.
  2. Fill in the the required Personal Information
      Where do I find my Employee No.?
    1. Launch and select Nebo Data Apps under Employees.
    2. Log in using your email username (usually first.last) and password.
    3. Click on your name in the upper-right corner of the page. Employee number will be displayed along with other information.
  3. Set your own Username, Password, and email used for retrieving login information.
  4. Click Submit

Logging in to Employee Service Portal

  1. Login using the custom username and password you created when you created your account.
    This is NOT your email username and password unless YOU set it to be the same.

Forgot Account Username and/or Password

    1. Try the Forgot password link
      This will be sending an email to whatever email you entered when you set up your account.


  1. Call HR.



Change Address and Phone Number

  1. Login to the Financial Portal.
  2. Click the Request Changes link.
  3. Click the New Request link.
  4. For name changes you must call HR.
  5. Change any fields that need to be changed.
  6. When you click Submit, a request for change will be filed with HR.
    This change is not made automatically.

Please Note: The District may publish the Home phone for internal use. The Mobile phone will be kept more private.

Direct Deposit Requests

  1. Once signed into the employee service portal, the employee selects "Payroll."
  2. The paycheck Calendar will appear. Up in the right hand corner, there will be the option to "Request Direct Deposit Changes."
  3. You will then be directed to "Direct Deposit Requests" page. Select "New Request."
  4. A list of your current accounts and the amounts being deposited into them will be displayed. (Or it will be blank, if you are not yet signed up for direct deposit.) At this point you can make any adjustments you'd like. You can delete accounts you no longer want to use, add accounts you want money deposited into, or change the amount being deposited into accounts already being used. Please note that you either have to choose a dollar value or a percentage of your paycheck to be deposited. You cannot choose both. Since we cannot always predict the exact amount of your paycheck, you need to always choose a "primary" account that will default to 100% of your paycheck. In the event, for whatever reason, payments cannot be made to your other accounts (there are insufficient funds), then your entire paycheck will be deposited into your primary account with the 100%. IMPORTANT: Online direct deposit requests for new accounts must be accompanied by a picture or scanned copy of a voided check or savings account card or bank document that can be uploaded, in order to be processed.