Diamond Fork Middle Presented to the Nebo School Board of Education -- Answer to Wednesday Challenge

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Diamond Fork dancers perform for Nebo School Board
Diamond Fork students present to Nebo School Board of Education
Diamond Fork presentation
Diamond Fork Theme

Anthony Bowden, a teacher at Diamond Fork Middle, addressed the Board of Education and thanked them for this opportunity to spotlight the amazing things going on at Diamond Fork Middle.

Over a dozen of delightful Diamond Fork Middle students presented the following:

The focus of Diamond Fork Middle includes voice and leadership, bonding and belonging, choice, and service. The students and staff start the morning with a mindfulness minute. Another focus is to take care of the social emotional needs of faculty, staff, and students. “Chill rooms” are available for anyone feeling stressed and anxious.

The theme for Diamond Fork Middle this year is “Belonging.” Many school activities are available before and after school including Karaoke, HOPE Squad, Morning Science, Math Team, Intramurals, Drama Games, National Junior Honor Society, and more.

Diamond Fork’s mission and values include: “ALL IN with courage, compassion, curiosity, respect, integrity, and perseverance. When asked, “Why we come to the Snake Pit?” The students stated, “We are Diamondbacks – snakes! We are ALL IN at Diamond Fork! This means that everyone has a responsibility to make our school awesome! Snake Pit is one way that students are given a voice in helping our school be its best!”

Student, Layla, spoke about the a special journalism class where each week students work tirelessly to spread a little ray of sunshine by delivering the Diamond Fork news. It is a team effort led by teacher, Mr. Scott Buck.

The Diamond Fork Middle School dance class ended the presentation by dancing to “Together in This.”  These talented dancers were led by Mrs. Danielle Gardiner, who is doing a fantastic job with dance at Diamond Fork Middle. 

The Nebo School Board members were impressed with each student’s remarks, talent, confidence, and mature presentations.

Congratulations to Brielle White for answering this week’s “Where are we Wednesday?” challenge sponsored by Wiggy Wash.

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