Arts Integration Endorsement

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Arts Integration Endorsement

This month, Nebo teachers, who are working to earn their USBE Arts Integration Endorsement through BYU, began their 5th semester with a visit from Nebo’s own Title VI team.  One focus of this semester is learning about diversity and creating shared experiences through the artform of another culture.  We had a wonderful time learning about the beauty of Navajo rug weaving beginning with the family raising the livestock, carting the wool, designing, dying, and weaving the final creations.   We were honored to hear the stories of the educators who work with the students in Nebo to help pass on their traditions and culture.  Thank you for sharing your passion for students and the beauty of your heritage with us!  For more information on the Title VI program, please visit.

For more information on the USBE Arts Integration Endorsement for Elementary Educators, please visit

Photos by Christy Nielson