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Student Wins Math Honor
Hobble Creek SOAR
Hobble Creek Presentation
Hobble Creek Presentation

Principal Mike Sorensen introduced Hobble Creek Elementary and said, “Thank you for this opportunity. Hobble Creek will celebrate its 20th birthday next fall and welcomes students from both the Springville and Mapleton communities. Tonight you will hear from some of our fifth-grade students as they introduce some components of our Positive Behavior Interventions and  Supports plan. The students will talk to you about why it’s important and how it has made an impact for good at our school. Hobble Creek has always been and continues to be a wonderful school with an outstanding group of students, staff, and community members.”

Ravinia Hoopes, a fifth-grader, introduced SOAR: “We are the Hawks, and as you know Hawks fly or SOAR through the air. All of our students are taught what it means to SOAR at Hobble Creek. SOARing is how we act when we are at school towards those around us. SOARing also shows us the attitudes each student should come to school with each day. The ‘S’ stands for ‘Serve Others’; the ‘O’ stands for ‘Own our Actions’; the ‘A’ stands for ‘Achieve our Best’; and the ‘R’ stands for ‘Respect.’ When students are recognized for doing one of these things by their teacher or another adult in the building, they can get a ‘Hawk Pride Note.’ Principal Sorensen then reads their name on the announcements, and they get to come to his office for a special prize. Here are a few of my fellow fifth-graders to tell you a little bit more about each of these values.”

Lily Rex, a fifth-grader, explained, “The ‘S’ in SOAR stands for ‘Serve Others.’ At school I know that I can do kind things for those around me. Serving those around me could look like holding the door open for someone to come into the building. I’ve seen students serve others during recess when playing soccer or basketball. If a student falls down or gets hurt, other people have helped them up or checked on them. This is serving others. I have been able to also serve others when I am at home. We have a big family. When I see someone who needs help, I try to help them.” 

“The ‘O’ in SOAR stands for ‘Own our Actions.’ I know that I can take responsibility for my actions and words. That could look like taking responsibility for what I’ve done. If I accidentally broke something, owning my actions would be telling someone what I did. One time my teacher accidentally gave me an extra ticket for being good in class. By giving back the extra one, I showed that I can be honest with my own actions,” said Sylas Heywood, a fifth-grader.

Emery Carlson, a fifth-grader, discussed, “The ‘A’ in SOAR stands for ‘Achieving our Best.’ I know that I can give my best effort and work hard, even when things are difficult. This could look like me doing my best on a test. Even if I don’t know the answer, I don’t give up but try my hardest. This has also helped me when I am not at school. In one of my soccer games we were losing and instead of giving up, I kept trying my hardest.”

Skyler Workman, a fifth-grader, talked about, “The ‘R’ in SOAR stands for ‘Respect.’ At school, I know that I can be respectful to fellow students, teachers, and myself. Respect can look like cleaning up after myself in the lunchroom and my classroom that helps our janitors. I can also show respect by not interrupting my teacher or fellow students when they’re talking. I can also show respect by not bugging my sisters.” 

Amy Etherington, a math technician and director of the Math Olympiad group, discussed the details of Math Olympiads: 22 Students participated, students study weekly and then once a month they take a 5 question assessment. 

Math Olympiads can be found in all 50 students with more than 3,500 teams. Approximately 100,000 students participated last year only (including over 30 countries).

Students were able to see numbers and problems in a different way then they ever had before. Students were able to learn how to solve problems in multiple ways.

Mrs. Etherington then introduced Luke Pratt (currently a 6th Grader at Spring Canyon Middle School) scored 22/25 on the assessments during the year placing him in the Top 2 percent of all students who participated in the fourth- and fifth-grade division in 2021-22. 

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By Lana Hiskey