Nebo School District Receives Cenergistic Award

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At the recent October 2020 School Board of Education meeting, Cenergistic recognized Nebo School District for the success of Nebo’s energy program. Nebo partnered with Cenergistic in 2013 and has reduced energy consumption tremendously.

The program delivers an environmental benefit from a reduced carbon footprint. Energy not used prevents the emission of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides.

A key component of reduced energy consumption is made possible through the dedication of all Nebo employees at each school and the custodial and maintenance departments including Energy Specialists, Bodie Bradley and Adam Roberts, as well as the Operations Director, Matt Gledhill, and the support of Superintendent Rick Nielsen and the Nebo School Board of Education.
“The high performance that Nebo has achieved at this magnitude would not be possible without top-down involvement, so we would like to thank each and everyone of you for your support of the energy stewardship program over the years,” stated Kevin Edwards, Cenergistic Client Manager. “Congratulations!”

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Photo includes: Scott Card, Shannon Acor, Rick Ainge, Rick Nielsen, Christine Riley, Kevin Edwards, Lisa Rowley, Matt Gledhill, Dean Rowley, Randy Boothe

By Lana Hiskey
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