Payson High School

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Overview as of June, 2024

  • Cabinetry is beginning to be installed.
  • Painting is beginning.
  • Masonry in the gym and auditorium is continuing.

Overview as of May, 2024

  • Masonry in the auditorium and gym are beginning.
  • Roofing is continuing.
  • The project is moving along well.

Overview as of April, 2024

  • Masonry is going well and is continuing.
  • The B wing masonry is complete.
  • Metal work is beginning in the B wing.
  • Masonry in the kitchen is complete.
  • Masonry in the gym is beginning.

Overview as of March, 2024

  • Masonry is continuing.
  • The B wing (south area) is almost complete.
  • Cabinets are currently being installed.
  • Air handlers have been received.
  • Metal roof decking is going on and being worked on.

Overview as of February, 2024

  • Masonry is continuing and will be beginning in the gym and wrestling room.
  • The cell tower equipment is currently being installed. T-Mobile is the vendor.
  • Began paining interior classrooms in two areas.
  • Five air handlers will be received this month.

Overview as of January, 2024

  • Masonry is continuing. Currently working in areas B, C, & D. (C&D are the gym area.)
  • Main floor concrete slabs are 100% complete.
  • Floors on the second floor are 35% complete.
  • Roof work is beginning.
    • Trusses and roof decking are being installed in areas A and G with roof membrane to follow.
    • Areas F and G- the roof membrane is installed.
  • T-Mobile is installing equipment on the cell tower.
  • The school is approximately 47% complete.

Overview as of December, 2023

  • 90% of the main floor and 25% of the second floor have been poured. 
  • There is structural fill around the entire building to ensure work is possible throughout the winter months.
  • Stadium is 100% complete. 
  • The parking lot between the junior high and high school is complete.
  • The school is approximately 40% complete.