Mission of the Nebo Data and Assessment Team


"Our job is to build an environment where genius can happen." —Martin Cisneros



We expertly leverage the power of good data to reveal true realities, inform learner-driven decisions, and support our community’s educational goals.


Learner-Driven; Data-Informed

  • Data > Tradition
  • Data > Gut

We open doors. We open eyes.


  • We do the work that others need to be done, but cannot do themselves
  • We support other educators with great data so they can do what they do best
  • We unveil truth through the use of good data
  • We use data to spotlight strengths and identify needs
  • We demystify data by coaching and mentoring our patrons
  • We do not make instructional decisions for others nor manage curriculum
  • We help our patrons develop a data mindset to inform learner-driven decision-making

We Believe

  • Effective education must be learner-driven
  • Good data have the power to reveal the truth
  • Good data should inform learner-driven decision-making
  • Data come in both quantitative and qualitative forms; And both forms provide a valuable and differing lens on important truths
  • It takes courage to objectively consume data about the educational work we care deeply about
  • Data can be a catalyst for positive change
  • Learning is a lifelong journey that starts with curiosity
  • Assuming what our patrons already know or understand leads to miscommunication and misunderstanding
  • It is our duty to follow a code of professional ethics regarding the proper use of data and assessments

Code of Professional Ethics


  • We leverage what is known about student success to maximize our learners’ opportunities to excel.
  • We advocate against practices known to hinder student success and for practices known to enhance student success.


  • All students must have equal opportunity to succeed regardless of background or circumstances.
  • We use data and assessments to identify potential areas of inequity and to inform solution-seeking decisions.
  • We conscientiously seek out potential biases in our assessment practices and take proactive steps to mitigate them.

Transparency and Privacy

  • We balance between the competing virtues of being as transparent as possible with our data and maintaining the privacy of individual students and families within the bounds of the law.

Data Literacy

  • We meet our patrons where they are at in terms of their ability to digest and use data.
  • We seek to educate our patrons about the data we provide so that they are understood and actionable.

The Law

  • We follow all state and federal laws, regulations, and guidelines.


  • We do not work "backwards" by beginning with a desired conclusion and then attempting to retrofit the data to support it. Rather, we work "forwards" by beginning with great questions, acquiring the best data, and then reasoning toward supportable, evidence-based conclusions.


“Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?” —T.S. Eliot