Demonstrated Competency (Test-For-Credit)


Procedure to Test-For-Credit

  1. Student & parent fills out an application to test at the student's assigned school with their counselor
  2. The counselor meets with the student & parent to discuss if assessments are appropriate, as well as other appropriate opportunities for the student
  3. The counselor makes a referral to the assessment office 
  4. Assessment office schedules time to meet with students and assign prerequisites
  5. Student completes pre-requisites and they are verified
  6. Proctor administers assessment
  7. Test is scored
  8. The Task section is assigned
  9. The Task section is scored
  10. Credit awarded if the student achieves the passing threshold for the test
  11. Grade is posted to the transcript if passed or failed

Be advised that

  1. The results of the test will be posted to the student’s transcript whether they pass or fail.
  2. The NCAA may not accept “demonstrated competency” (test-for-credit) for the purposes of athletic eligibility.
  3. Scholarships may or may not accept  “demonstrated competency” (test-for-credit) for the purposes of awarding scholarship money..