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Nebo's Teachers of the Year 2011 2012

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Mon, 04/09/2012 - 12:59pm
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Nebo Teacher Year Corine Clark
Art City Ginger Dutson
Barnett Ronda Hair
Brockbank Alyson Tobler
Brookside Corine Clark
Canyon Kalani Reed
Cherry Creek Stephanie Truscott
East Meadows Sarah Blackhurst
Foothills Lara Howard
Goshen June Lopez
Hobble Creek Garry Hart
Larsen Michele Waite
Mapleton Ginnie Snyder
Mt. Loafer DeAnn Grover
Orchard Hills Sharilee McMullin
Park Patricia Palmer
Park View Lois Lundgren
Rees Chris Roberts
Riverview Mejken Lacrua
Sage Creek Joan Foote
Salem Thresa Holthaus
Santaquin Cleone Brost
Sierra Bonita Melissa Green
Spanish Oaks DeAnn Sanders
Spring Lake Denise Taylor
Taylor Courtney Corbin
Westside Charlene Hall
Wilson Gina Warren

Teachers of the Year 2011-2012
Nebo Teacher of the Year–Corine Clark
Corine Clark has the ability to teach everyone around her. She has an abundance of experience, which she is willing to share with fellow teachers. Corine’s knowledge is invaluable. She is wonderful with every student in her class and has a way of connecting with students. She truly cares about people and is confidential in all of her dealings. She is kind and patient. One of Corine’s greatest strength is relating to others. Students love her class and are willing to work extremely hard because they know she loves and cares about them. 

Ginger Dutson – Art City Elementary
Ginger Dutson is hard working, detail-oriented, and compassionate towards all students. She spends countless hours working on curriculum for students.  Ginger understands that all students do not learn the same and need differentiated instruction with a classroom that is neat and organized, making it the perfect environment for learning. Ginger loves each of her students. She takes time to get to know each one of them individually and what motivates them to learn.  

Ronda Hair – Barnett Elementary
Ronda Hair lives by the phrase, “Let’s do what is best for kids.”  She works everyday with students who require the most love, attention, and understanding.  She is willing to help wherever needed, and teachers often seek her expert advice when trying to work with their challenging students.  Ronda develops a rapport and trust with the students in her classroom and their parents. She makes students feel special, smart, and important.  She works countless hours planning engaging lessons and making sure students are receiving the best possible education. 

Alyson Tobler – Brockbank Elementary
Alyson Tobler provides a rich, positive learning experience for students.  She is respected by students, parents, and faculty at Brockbank and has a well-deserved reputation of being honest, fair, and hardworking. Alyson believes every student is capable of success and structures lessons so that students on every level can achieve mastery. Alyson’s understanding of methodology and curriculum development is outstanding as she plans and delivers effective lessons.  Students respect Alyson and are willing to work hard to meet her expectations. 

Corine Clark – Brookside Elementary
Corine Clark has the ability to teach everyone around her. She has an abundance of experience, which she is willing to share with fellow teachers. Corine’s knowledge is invaluable. She is wonderful with every student in her class and has a way of connecting with students. She truly cares about people and is confidential in all of her dealings. She is kind and patient. One of Corine’s greatest strength is relating to others. Students love her class and are willing to work extremely hard because they know she loves and cares about them.

Kalani Reed – Canyon Elementary
Kalani Reed approaches each day and situation with professionalism, patience, and focus on students. She is a strong advocate for students and is well-respected by colleagues. Kalani consistently has a high level of dedication and ability. She puts students first. Kalani is the “calm in the middle of the storm.” She is realistic and always willing to help with advice. Kalani is an incredible mentor and example to younger teachers. She has a desire to be and do all that she can for students. She is a valuable asset to our school. 

Stephanie Truscott – Cherry Creek Elementary
Stephanie Truscott has outstanding classroom management skills, which help students to have a high degree of “on task” time. Children know the high expectations in the areas of academic achievement and productive, cooperative behavior.  She understands the importance of reaching out to each child to strengthen their confidence and skills. Stephanie is a masterful teacher using research-based strategies with great success in the classroom. She is a valuable asset to the faculty and school.

Sarah Blackhurst – East Meadows Elementary
Sarah Blackhurst has a marvelous understanding of curriculum, and her teaching style brings learning to life for the students. It is fascinating to watch Sarah interacting with students. She mesmerizes the students as she teaches. She has a way of turning struggling students into some of the best students. Sarah knows the current and best practices and has a special way of being able to encourage other teachers to introduce these techniques into their classrooms. Sarah’s great laugh and wonderful smile always makes other feel welcome and at ease.

Lara Howard – Foothills Elementary
Lara Howard is an amazing lady and teacher. She brings new ideas, activities, and strategies that have truly benefitted the other team members.  She helps organize field trips, spelling bees, and enrichment and intervention classes. Lara is always available to students. She never complains and gives hours and hours for her class and team. Lara has great classroom control with active and fun lessons and100% participation and engagement. Lara gives each student the love and caring attention that helps them succeed. 

June Lopez – Goshen Elementary
June Lopez has prepared well to be a successful teacher. The scores of her students’ reading reflect her hard work and superior ability. She works intensely with each individual. June works her “magic” with even the hardest-to-reach students. June is forward thinking, hardworking, and wildly successful. June has changed to differentiated instruction to meet the needs of each individual student. She has had marvelous success and has the potential to do many more great things in education and with individual students. 

Garry Hart – Hobble Creek Elementary
Garry Hart has spent years of service and thousands of hours helping students learn and grow under his care. He is always helping the faculty and staff when they need it. Garry has a calm, no nonsense attitude where students can thrive and succeed. He interacts with students by bringing out the best in them and correcting behavior with improvement in difficult situations. Garry communicates well with his students and is truly interested in their opinions.

Michele Waite – Larsen Elementary
Michele Waite is making a difference in the lives of students and enjoys the way they make a difference in her life. She loves the beginning of the school year as they build a community of learners with class identity. Michele enjoys the challenge that comes with each new day and ends with a personal reflection of, “What I can do better tomorrow?” She thrives on the “new” that is somehow always present in elementary teaching with the variety of subjects throughout the school day. She teaches every day with the thought of what is best for future generations.

Ginnie Snyder – Mapleton Elementary
Ginnie Snyder is committed to children, parents, and teachers. She is confident and willing to take on new responsibilities. Ginnie has a professional, friendly, and outgoing nature. She is a leader in the school and does her job with a positive attitude and a desire to enhance education. She works hard to make a creative, fun, and, yet, a challenging, learning environment for the students. Ginnie is aware of individual student needs and provides appropriate instruction. She implements technology into lessons, and students benefit from her expertise. Students love coming to Ginnie’s class each day because of her dedication to teaching. 

DeAnn Grover – Mt. Loafer Elementary
DeAnn Grover is the “best of the best.”  She sees the potential in others and gives encouragement that is genuine.  Many teachers seek her out for help. DeAnn transforms them from a strong teacher to a superb teacher. When she interacts with others, DeAnn’s goal is to help them experience success. She is an exceptional teacher who combines academic education, ensuring that all curriculums are properly taught, with kindness, love, and fun. She works professionally with teachers, children, and parents and has care, concern, and understanding for each situation. 

Sharilee McMullin – Orchard Hills Elementary
Sharilee  McMullin exemplifies what a great teacher is all about. She has high expectations of herself and from the students in class. They know she expects them to do their best; and, consequently, they perform to the level of expectation. She knows that not all students are at the same level. She goes to great lengths to assess and determine the level of each student and helps assure student progress from their individual level of ability. She is exceptionally kind and considerate of students, parents, and staff.

Patricia Palmer – Park Elementary
Patricia Palmer is a seasoned professional and has a great deal of experience. She is willing to seek out new ideas to improve her impeccable instruction to help students. Patricia is a master at differentiation and spends a lot of extra personal time working on lessons so the students have the best chance of learning. She is a dedicated and caring and is a kind teacher and friend. She builds confidence in students. Patricia’s love and dedication are contagious.

Lois Lundgren – Park View Elementary
Lois Lundgren is a dedicated, collaborative, and masterful teacher. She is committed and willing to go the extra mile for students. She is one of the first teachers to arrive at school and the last to leave. Lois is always prepared and displays great enthusiasm. She stresses classroom respect for others and maintains the highest of academic expectations with innate leadership talents. She is an essential team player in planning lessons and units, preparing and administering assessments, and making strategic decisions to keep the team focused on student learning and goals.

Chris Roberts – Rees Elementary
Chris Roberts has a passion for teaching. It is evident in his plans, lessons, and desires to push the students to be successful. He is a leader and has a positive impact in making our school a better place. Chris has earned the respect of students, teachers, and parents because he leads by example. His greatest leadership strength is that he genuinely cares for others. He has a desire and ability to make learning fun and enjoyable for students and fellow teachers. Chris is a hard worker and does whatever it takes for students to be successful. 

Mejken Lacrua – Riverview Elementary
Mejken Lacrua has quality lessons and activities, which promote a love of learning. She is willing to make accommodations for students who need them. She truly meets the individual needs of all students. Mejken is continually attending classes and workshops to help enhance learning. She understands that quality teaching and learning is a journey that one must always strive toward. She is a wonderful mentor and is willing to share her ideas and knowledge. Mejken always has a positive attitude and a smile on her face ready to help in any way possible.

Joan Foote – Sage Creek Elementary
Joan Foote eagerly contributes to the school and students in any and every way.  She is a genuine collaborative teacher who approaches new ideas and teaching methods with a positive attitude and a willingness to “make things work.”   She comes in early and works late and does whatever it takes to help students learn and love school.  She is a supportive member to all faculty, staff, and administration and is a delightful person to work with. Joan’s room is engaging and filled with educational stimulation that promotes curiosity and learning opportunities. 

Thresa Holthaus – Salem Elementary
Thresa Holthaus sees a challenge and takes it head on.  She is a hardworking, dedicated individual who is constantly seeking ways to improve herself and those around her. Whether it is teaching a difficult concept or a challenging student, she will always give her best. Thresa is a talented teacher who fosters a love for learning in students. She cares about students, and it shows in the way students quickly warm up to her. She knows how to help students in so many ways. Every student is lucky to cross Thresa’s path. 

Cleone Brost – Santaquin Elementary
Cleone Brost plans for success with each of the students. Cleone’s experience and understanding of students, facilitates her ability to assist students with specific needs. She actively works with staff members and shares her expertise as an educator. Cleone is committed to implement new ways of teaching in order to meet the needs of individual students. Love and genuine concern is always apparent as she strives to help each child reach their full potential. She is a leader in her classroom and throughout the school. 

Melissa Green – Sierra Bonita Elementary
Melissa Green strengthens others as she shares her talents and valuable resources.  She is willing to do “all that is required” to ensure that students are supported in their learning and that the school is successful.  She is an active team member by sharing specific instruction and timely interventions for students. Melissa gives great effort to ensure that she is well-prepared for each day and that the students’ needs are met. She cares for students and is a strong advocate for student learning.

DeAnn Sanders – Spanish Oaks Elementary
DeAnn Sanders has great people skills.  She has a fabulous rapport with both children and adults. Parents are confident in her abilities and support her efforts. The students are motivated to work hard because they know she believes in their potential to grow as competent learners and great citizens.  She nurtures students and helps them to believe in themselves, while still holding very high expectations for her students in both academics and behavior. DeAnn is a skilled teacher. She has a positive outlook on life and a cheerful disposition wielding her influence for good.

Denise Taylor – Spring Lake Elementary
Denise Taylor exemplifies integrity, honesty, sincerity, and shows dedication, loyalty, and energy. Denise’s instructional skills are strong, and she has good classroom management. Denise is able to present information so that all students have the opportunity to be involved in the learning process, following directions, and keeping on task. Denise creates a positive, comfortable learning atmosphere in the classroom with students feeling safe to ask questions and pursue interests. She gives specific, appropriate praise and correction. Denise loves and cares for students.

Courtney Corbin – Taylor Elementary
Courtney Corbin has great energy and an easy going personality that is contagious and naturally draws people to her. Courtney’s positive attitude is a great influence on staff and students alike.  She plans and teaches effective lessons and wants each student to learn at their highest level.  She teaches in a way that excites her students and makes them want to be in her class. Courtney is willing to do anything for anyone at any time. She is a fabulous teacher and always puts the school and students first.  She loves students!

Charlene Hall – Westside Elementary
Mrs. Hall is a valuable asset to Nebo School District. She has an excellent teaching ability. Prospective teachers have visited her classroom on multiple occasions to observe her great instruction and amazing patience. Mrs. Hall is always willing to share knowledge, enthusiasm, and creativity. Mrs. Hall is an ‘extra-miler.’ She has shown great skill in communicating concerns and strengths to parents.  Mrs. Hall’s continual display of unconditional love for all students, assures parents that she has their child’s best interest in mind. She exemplifies professionalism and dedication to the teaching profession.

Gina Warren – Wilson Elementary
Gina Warren has a positive influence on the school and students. She has a great rapport with students and staff.  The teachers and technicians know that she will listen willingly and help them solve real practical problems. Gina shares ideas and collaborates with others. She is willing to improve her own skills and knowledge.  Gina is kind and thoughtful with a good sense of humor.  She is excellent at “thinking outside of the box,” solving problems, and offering ideas and solutions.