Left to Right: Christine Riley, Rick Ainge, Vice President Shannon Acor, Randy Boothe, President Kristen Betts, Dean Rowley, Lisa Rowley, Superintendent Rick Nielsen.


Members of the Board of Education and district administration invite and appreciate your interest in the board meetings and business of the school system. Public understanding, participation, and communication are vital to achieving our mission.

Board Member Responsibilities

The board is comprised of seven Nebo School District citizens. By state constitution, the board acts as a legislative body, determining general policies for programs, care, management, and finance of the district's public schools. These seven citizen board members hire and annually evaluate the chief administrator—the Superintendent of Schools.

The superintendent and administrative staff are responsible and accountable for execution of these policies and the overall improvement of the school system.

Addressing the Board

The purpose of a board meeting is for the board to conduct its business in public as provided by law.

  • Individuals or delegations who wish to address the board concerning an item on the agenda may do so by signing up online at http://www.nebo.edu/board-education.
  • Board meetings will be held on the second Wednesday of the month (subject to change—check district website for updates).
  • The individuals will be allowed three (3) minutes to make remarks, and a representative of a group will be allowed five (5) minutes.
  • As a reminder, there are certain topics and issues listed in the guidelines and procedures that are more appropriately addressed through alternative forums or procedures.
  • Please understand that the public comment period is not a debate, an interactive question/answer session, or a dispute resolution forum, but is an opportunity for you to express your comments, suggestions, and concerns to the Board for our information and consideration.
  • The Utah Open Meeting Law prohibits the board from taking action on items that do not appear on the agenda.
  • Individuals are asked to conduct themselves and present their comments in a respectful and courteous manner.
  • Questions or requests for further information may be directed to the Office of the Superintendent at 801-354-7400.
  • Resolution of questions or responses to proposals should not be expected at this meeting; staff or others may be asked to research and/or prepare materials and solutions for a later time.

Student Learning Dashboard Mission, Vision & Goals Board Brochure Citizen's Guide

?If you have a question about a school or a teacher, please call the school principal.

?If you have a question about a district operation, please call (801) 354-7400 or the phone number for that specific department (see the "Departments" menu).

District 1
Board MemberVoting Precints

Lisa Rowley
Elberta-Goshen, Genola, Payson 2, Payson 6, Santaquin 1, Santaquin 2, Santaquin 3, Santaquin 4
4 Year Term, Open for Election November 2020.
District 2
Board MemberVoting Precints

Kristen Betts (Board President)
(801) 368-4840
Birdseye-Covered Bridge, Mapleton 1, Mapleton 2, Mapleton 3, Mapleton 4, Mapleton 5, Spanish Fork 9, Spanish Fork 16, Springville 6, Springville 7
4 Year Term, Open for Election November 2, 2018.
District 3
Board MemberVoting Precints

Randy Boothe
Benjamin-Lakeshore, Spanish Fork 2, Spanish Fork 3, Spanish Fork 6, Spanish Fork 7, Spanish Fork 11, Spanish Fork 12, Spanish Fork 13, Spanish Fork 14, Spanish Fork 15, Spanish Fork 17
4 Year Term, Open for Election November 2020.
District 4
Board MemberVoting Precints

Rick Ainge
(801) 361-3552
Elk Ridge 1, Elk Ridge 2, Salem 1, Salem 2, Salem 3, Salem 4, Salem 5, Spanish Fork 8, Woodland Hills
4 Year Term, Open for Election November 2, 2018.
District 5
Board MemberVoting Precints

Shannon Acor (Vice President)
Springville 1, Springville 4, Springville 5, Springville 8, Springville 10, Springville 12, Springville 14
4 Year Term, Open for Election November 2, 2018.
District 6
Board MemberVoting Precints

Dean Rowley
Spanish Fork 1, Spanish Fork 4, Spanish Fork 5, Spanish Fork 10, Springville 2, Springville 3, Springville 9, Springville 11, Springville 13, Springville 15, Springville 16, Springville 17, Springville 18,
4 Year Term, Open for Election November 2020.
District 7
Board MemberVoting Precints

Christine Riley
(801) 465-9411
Payson 1, Payson 3, Payson 4, Payson 5, Payson 7, Payson 8, Spring Lake
4 Year Term, Open for Election November 2020.