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Transportation Employees of the Month -- Marsha Steggell & Cindy Duncan

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Mon, 04/09/2012 - 12:40pm

Marsha Steggell has been nominated by Jean Taylor as our newest Outstanding Employee for March 2012.

Marsha started driving bus in 1980.  She always makes sure the bus and children are safe.  Marsha has used her emergency skills to help children with emergency medical issues. She has even used those skills with people in the community.

Marsha is a Driver Trainer and teaches Inservice and First Aid to existing drivers and new drivers. She makes training a fun learning process. Jean Taylor said, “We have learned lots from Marsha!”

Marsha has five children and eight grandchildren. She has raised and parented one grandchild since he was a baby and is a wonderful mother and grandmother.

Everyone loves to be around Marsha.  She has a magnetic personality that just draws people to her.  She is lots of fun!

Nebo Transportation would like to congratulate Marsha for being our Outstanding Employee for March 2012.

Cindy Duncan is the Transportation Department’s latest “Outstanding Employee”.  Cindy was chosen by Dennis Long to acknowledge her excellent performance.
Cindy has been a bus driver for more than 16 years.  She currently drives a Special Needs route.  She is also responsible for bus seat repair and bus supply kit maintenance.

Cindy makes an effort to get to know the children and their needs and special health concerns so she can better serve them.  She genuinely cares about the students and works hard to have good communication with the parents to meet each student’s needs.

Cindy has been married to Bill for almost 24 years.  She is a wonderful, dedicated mother of two children: Cody and Alexandra. She loves her family! She likes to shop, make quilts, make crafts, and enjoys to read.

Cindy is a great example and a pleasure to work with. She is respectful of others and a hard worker. Cindy is a great friend and always goes the extra mile. She has a cute personality and is a lot of fun.

Nebo Transportation would like to congratulate Cindy Duncan for being our Outstanding Employee for March 2012.