Lana Hiskey, Public Information Officer

Payson High School entertained the Nebo School Board of Education with a video performance by the Drumline Band State Champions.

Then the PTA President, Rosemary Parson, addressed the school board, "We have a great high school, great teachers, great students, and a great administration.

Parson explained about some of the areas of focus. The PHS School Community Council used some of the Trustlands funds for iPads, a writing lab, and Advanced Placement (AP) practice tests.

Another area of focus for the school is the Latinos in Action program. The students that are bilingual have spent hours at Wilson Elementary tutoring students with English as a second language. The high school students have been great role models for the younger students. These students have many service hours. When the students were asked what was the best part? The students said, "The feeling we have when we walk into an elementary school classroom and see the joy and excitement in younger student’s eyes."

The Latino Program’s motto is, "A high school diploma is not enough. We want students to go onto college."

Payson High has also improved attendance. The attendance trackers keep track of the at-risk students that struggle with academics, attendance, and behaviors. The trackers are advocates for these students. They make phone calls and explain attendance policy and the Student Information System (SIS). They check with students to see how the student is performing. When these students don’t have support from home, the trackers are there for them. The attendance issues are down 45 percent this year.

PHS also increased participation in the Red Ribbon Week activities this year. Last year, 100 students attended the activities, and this year over 200 students attended the alcohol session and 341 attended the mental awareness session.

Payson High School had four of the prestigious National Merit Scholars come from their school.

Payson High is also passionate about technology. Brian Blake, a biology teacher, and Ashleigh Smith, a special education teacher, demonstrated iPads and lead the school board through a few applications that are available to students.

Mrs. Smith reiterated that this new technology promotes students to respond and engage with teachers and students and the technology also provides immediate feedback to teachers.

Mr. Bart Peery concluded, "Payson High has wonderful teachers, staff, and students. In fact, we are the best school around."

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