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One student’s idea of not letting anyone at Spanish Fork High be forgotten on Valentines Day was huge success with many participating and sharing the love. Two Utah companies, Mrs. Call's Candy Company and V Chocolates, supported the students with their goal so all students and faculty were remembered and valued on Valentines Day.

Sterling Brinkerhoff, project organizer, commented, “Valentine's Day is primarily celebrated by couples, which is a lot of fun if you are part of a couple. For those that feel lonely or forgotten, it could be a tough holiday to enjoy. Last year one of our students was encouraged and helped to take her own life in Payson Canyon by someone she thought was her friend. We want everyone to know that someone cares. We want to create something special this year to let the students know that someone is always there for them.”

Sterling, along with a number of students in the Parent Teacher Student Association, Scout Troop 98, the Benjamin First Ward, and the Spanish For Youth City Council built 1000 origami flowers that were originally designed by Sterling several years ago. Sterling thanked the volunteers, “I never could have finished the flowers without the help of these volunteers. Each flower takes me approximately seven minutes to complete.”

Sterling also discussed the design, “This Valentine's Day origami flower is unique in that it is patterned after the the lily instead of a rose. A heart folds out with a hidden message of hope and encouragement. The lily has been believed to represent, faith, wisdom and chivalry since the 14th century.”

To make it extra memorable for everyone involved, V Chocolates and Mrs. Call's Candy Company have both generously donated treats to the effort.

Sterling remarked,”Originally, I was not sure we would get any help, but Mr. McKee (our school Principal) believed in the cause and was willing to contribute personal funds to make this happen in case no one else was willing to support this.

I originally planned on only giving something small to the female students, but thanks to V Chocolates and Mrs. Call's Candy Company, we were able to expand our project to include something awesome for the entire school. I have been so impressed and grateful that these companies have shown such generous support. I respect them for their willingness to help. It never ceases to remind me of the goodness of others.”

A representative from V Chocolates noted, “We here at V Chocolates are happy for the opportunity to show our support in this project for Spanish Fork High School, and hope that our small donation will lift any spirits that need it. This is a worthy endeavor that caught our attention immediately, and we commend Sterling Brinkerhoff for his efforts to make a positive impact in his community.”

Sterling noted, “ I was originally drawn to V Chocolates because of their message to “Love Life.” With the tragic suicide last year, their message spoke to me as I was trying to launch this project. They were extremely quick to respond and show how much they care. They truly backed it up with a beautiful selection of their finest truffles and caramels to sweeten the day.”

Mrs. Call's Candy Company also made an extremely generous contribution to the Valentine's Day project. Sterling exclaimed, “I was shocked to learn that they were donating a pallet of their Dark Chocolate Caramels with Sea Salt to our school. I never anticipated this level of generosity. You never realize how cool it is until you see it all together in one place. I am forever changed to see how good people are in trying to make a difference. I feel extremely lucky to work with them and I know it will leave a lasting impression on everyone involved.”

Treats were distributed to all students, faculty and staff at Spanish Fork High School on Valentine's Day.

Sterling wrapped up, “I personally thank everyone who showed support for this project, whether it was helping to fold origami flowers, contribute treats or help ensure no one was forgotten. There are so many good people around us. I hope everyone touched by this project remembers the goodness of others when they face their greatest personal challenges. When times are toughest, someone is always there that cares.”

Sterling Brinkerhoff is currently Mayor Pro Tem of the Spanish Fork Youth City Council and Vice Chair of the Utah PTSA Student Leadership Committee. He is working towards his Eagle in Scouting and is involved in a wide variety of service projects year-round.

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