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Name: Tanner Rogers

Age: 15

Hometown: Salem

School: Salem Junior High School

Grade: Ninth grade

Tanner likes to participate in rugby, track, football and soccer. He also enjoys reading and math. In his spare time, he also enjoys playing video games.

Tanner enjoys helping other students feel better about themselves and he also helps them when they are having a hard time. He encourages others to participate in sports, because he does not want to be the only one out there playing.

Tanner want to become a surgeon. He wants to start his college studies at Brigham Young University and then transfer to a school specializing in medicine. He has a dream to play on a national sports team.

Tanner earned his Eagle Scout award last January. He also received the offensive MVP award from his football team this past fall. Tanner was also invited to participate in a state honor choir that only eight people from our school were selected for.

Tanner also enjoys helping other students with their school work when they get lost or behind. Tanner is always kind to other students in our school. He likes to go out of his way to help others and the help them feel good about themselves.

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