The Spanish Fork High School Yearbook staff has won critical acclaim for their 2013-2014 Yearbook.

USU Eastern and the Utah Rocky Mountain High School Mediafest announced the winning entries in Yearbook Design and Layout with the Spanish Fork Spaniard taking Second Place in Overall Layout and First Place in Cover Design.

In addition to the recognition of winning, USU Eastern extends a cash scholarship award to the submitting editor.  Editor Casey Warren was awarded a $1000 scholarship for the winning cover design for this year's book.

The entire staff of SFHS Yearbook has worked very hard to complete a first-class book - on deadline - and that they whole school will be proud of.

Shane Ferrin, the Yearbook adviser at Spanish Fork High School is very pleased with the recognition.  "Our kids have put a lot of themselves into this book.  It looks great and bears the distinction of being one of the only books in recent history to have each and every student's picture in the book at least once more than just their school photo.  This really is a good-looking book and our staff and editors deserve the honor of being recognized and awarded for a job well-done."

A certificate for each award was presented to Mr. Ferrin and to the SFHS staff on May 12, and the scholarship award was sent directly to Casey Warren.

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