Julia Murray

Art City Elementary Places Second at State Chess Tournament

Art City Elementary's  chess club placed second at the State Chess tournament that was held on Saturday, March 15, 2014.  The students who participated from Art City are as follows:

Kindergarten: Elizabeth Jenkins, Willie Carter, Corbin Price; No 1st-grade; 2nd-grade:  Tommy Carter, Adam Jenkins, James Rey; 3rd-grade: Dylan, Travis Gervais, Caleb Smith; 4th-grade: Paul Carter, Jason Elzinga, Connor Caswell, Kimball Snapp, Miguel Pina; 5th-grade: Zachary Labuda, Ben Price, Daniel Kawai, Samantha Waite, Fuiva Moala, Josie Rey; 6th-grade: Ammon Elzinga, Monte Taylor, Zachary Derosia, Luke Carter, Ethan Martin, Garrison Caswell. 

Top 20 Schools Overall:
1st place: Challenger, Lehi; 2nd Place: Art City Elementary School; 3rd Place: Morningside Elementary School; 4th Place Beacon Heights Elementary School; 5th Place Peruvian Park Elementary School; 6th Place Challenger Salt Lake;7th place:  Mcgillis, Salt Lake City; 8th Place: Hawthorne Elementary School; 9th place: Hobble Creek Elementary;10th place: Eg King; 11th place: Newman Elementary School; 12th place: Mapleton Elementary School; 13th place: Midvale Middle, Midvale; 14th place: American Preparatory Academy; 15th place: Rock Canyon Elementary School; 16th place: Whittier Elementary School; 17th Place: Rowland Hall St Marks, SLC; 18th Place: Challenger – Sandy; 19th Place: Oakwood Elementary School; 20th Place: St. John The Baptist, Draper

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