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Nebo’s Teachers of the Year 2013

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Kristie McMurdie Nebo's Teacher of the Year
Kristie McMurdie
Brian Blake
Chris Andrews
Bradley Warren
Alan Lewis
Sue Ann Harding
Sean Curtis
Lorin Binks
Becky Clement
Kellie Cox
Jill Christensen
Malynda Tolbert
DeeAnn Binks
Rachel Neeley

Nebo District’s Teacher of the Year Kristie McMurdie 2013

Kristie McMurdie – Maple Mountain High
Kristie loves to help students realize what they are capable of. Her philosophy is simple and pure: Every student can learn and should have the opportunity to reach their personal potential. Kristie has been instrumental in establishing the Special Education programs and meeting students’ needs.  She has been a mentor and has built cohesiveness between teachers. Kristie has a caring attitude towards others.

Brian Blake – Payson High
Brian has a simple philosophy: Students will pay attention if they are entertained.  He uses worldly examples in biology to entertain such as X-Men for mutations. Brian conveys high expectations to his students. He is perceived as fair and is a very dedicated.  Brian has a natural rapport with students and motivates students to excel.

Chris Andrews – Salem Hills High
Chris wants students to become a community of learners and believes all students love to learn. Enthusiasm and positivity towards learning goes a long way. Chris teaches film and broadcasting and is the advisor for the Skyhawks News. He provides opportunities for students to collaborate, demonstrate, and teach one another to solidify their understanding of each skill.

Brad Warren – Spanish Fork High
Brad loves influencing youth. Good education comes from creating an environment with safe, positive learning experiences that gives every student an opportunity to grow within their own boundaries. Brad teaches biology and is professional in every way. He is a master teacher and has helped establish a collaborative culture. He takes great pride and cares about his students. Because of his dedication, students excel in his classroom.

Alan Lewis – Springville High
Alan believes that teachers can get the job done while having fun. He makes teaching enjoyable and memorable with positive energy. Alan has tremendous respect from peers and is an excellent team player with the ability to communicate with people of all backgrounds. He is an outstanding role model for many “artsy” students. He demands both academic and artistic excellence of his students.

Sue Ann Harding – Landmark High
Sue Ann works with At-Risk students. She believes every student has a unique learning style. She loves to watch students develop a love of learning. Sue Ann is organized and students love her lessons. She is always looking for ways to help. Sue Ann provides a personal touch and is interested in students’ successes in life and education.

Sean Curtis – Advanced Learning Center
Sean believes students need to be engaged in the learning process.  Students will discover the desire to learn when guided by relevance. Sean is professional and developed the Health Science program. He treats students and staff with respect. He works individually with students and helps them find success. Sean is motivated and caring.

Lorin Binks - Diamond Fork Junior
Lorin believes it is important to build positive relationships, be teachable and open minded as well as provide a safe and caring learning environment. Lorin has the most difficult job of any teacher. She teaches a self-contained special education unit of 16 special needs students. Lorin is positive and optimistic as well as genuine and sincere. She handles difficult situations and is loved by her students.

Becky Clement – Mapleton Junior
Becky believes that students should be in the most challenging class and environment that they are able to succeed in, and students should receive all the support required to progress in academics. Becky is currently a special education teacher with a degree in English. She is caring, dedicated, bright, helpful, and positive. She instills a love for learning. Students love her and try their very best for her.

Kellie Cox – Mt. Nebo Junior
Kellie believes teaching is a team effort with collaboration between parents, teachers and school for academic and behavioral success. She believes in positive expectations and structured curriculum to enable students to achieve their highest potential. Kellie is passionate about students and is the team leader for special education. She works with parents well and praises students when they need it. Kellie is an exceptional teacher, leader, and mentor.

Jill Christensen – Payson Junior
Jill has always loved to learn and loves seeing kids use their brains and develop ideas on their own. She has always used high expectations for students.
Jill teaches honors math and is the department chair. She has a solid grasp of lesson design and presentation. She involves students throughout her lesson. The students like her and, more importantly, respect her.

Malynda Tolbert – Salem Junior
Malynda’s teaching philosophy is simple—Do what is needed to help kids. All children can learn and should be provided the opportunity for success.
Malynda loves the individual student; regardless of the difficulties the student might have—academic or behavioral. She is a joy to be around. She laughs readily and works diligently. Malynda teaches kids for a living and has the best job in the world.

DeeAnn Binks – Spanish Fork Junior
DeeAnn understands the needs of students and structures the class to meet the varying degrees of ability. She is a team player and is highly respected. DeeAnn is kind to everyone and is always concerned for the social and emotional welfare of her students. She will leave an unforgettable mark on our school for her contribution to the education of students.

Rachel Neeley – Springville Junior
Rachel’s goal of teaching is to foster learning. Every student is capable of learning.  The focus should be on the individual student and to respect all students. Students learn best when they feel safe and motivation is a key to enjoyable learning. Rachel is the English Department Chair and organizes the school yearbook.  She is dedicated, effective, and seeks to improve her skills as a leader.

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