Lana H. Hiskey

Shannon Acor is the new School Board member of the Nebo School Board of Education. She was voted in at the School Board meeting on February 13, 2013. Mrs. Acor is replacing Mr. Rod Oldroyd that served honorably for the past six years representing the Springville area.

In January’s Board meeting Rod said, “The employees of Nebo work for more than money. Their work shows the love that they have for the students of this district and their desire for the student’s success.” Then he thanked the voters for allowing him to serve and stated obligations to his family, career, and ecclesiastical calling as Stake President as the reasons for his resigning effective on February 13, 2013.

The Nebo School Board of Education and Nebo District Superintendent Staff thanked Rod for his dedicated service and wished him well.

Shannon Acor is currently the Springville High PTA President and served on the Springville Junior PTA and Community Council, as well as the Art City Elementary Community Council. She is a strong leader and a reliable participant that is highly motivated in education. Shannon graduated from Southern Utah University with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Communication.

Some of Shannon’s interests are traveling to Rome, Barcelona, Florence, the Amalfi Coast, Hawaii, and Monaco. She loves being with her family and watching the Utah sunset.

Nebo School Board of Education and Nebo School District welcomes this excellent School Board member, Shannon Acor, to our educational family.