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Nebo Students Earn Associate Degrees

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Wed, 06/12/2019 - 1:37pm
Lana Hiskey

Did you know that Nebo School District graduated 33 students with their associate degrees from Utah Valley University?

All 33 students completed their last few classes here at the Advanced Learning Center housed at the Peak Center in Salem, Utah. 

ALC educators commented that the following students “rocked the house!”

Nebo District’s congratulates the following amazing Nebo Hero students for completing their associate degrees early and saving thousands of dollars.

Ruby Baird, Maple Mountain High
Anthony Bardsley, Maple Mountain High
Ari Bray, Maple Mountain High
W. Dallin Burton, Maple Mountain High
Hunter Liljenquist, Maple Mountain High
Andrew Lott, Maple Mountain High
Matthew Nugent, Maple Mountain High
Jake Prothero, Maple Mountain High
Seth Teasdale, Maple Mountain High
Chandler Wills, Maple Mountain High
Jeremy Wood, Maple Mountain High
Jerica Smith, Payson High
Amanda Insalaco, Salem Hills
Natalie Melander, Salem Hills
Alyssa Merrill, Salem Hills
JT Nebeker, Salem Hills
Evey Oler, Salem Hills
Aubrey Tasker, Salem Hills
Taylor Tolbert, Salem Hills
Taneesha Richards, Salem Hills
Ben Boyack, Spanish Fork High
Spencer Evans, Spanish Fork High
Hailey Olson, Spanish Fork High
Jace Randolph, Spanish Fork High
Kade Randolph, Spanish Fork High
Morgan Reid, Spanish Fork High
Jentri Rozema, Spanish Fork High
Derek Sowards, Spanish Fork High
Porter Stulce, Spanish Fork High
Matthew Allphin, Springville High
Abby LeBaron, Springville High
Juan Patino, Springville High
Melvin Whitaker, Springville High