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Name: Nikki Mendenhall

School: Salem Jr. High School

Grade taught/position held: ninth grade math teacher and math department chair

Alma mater: BYU-Idaho, Western Governors University

Extracurricular activities/organizations involved in: I’m a mentor, I’m an advisor on the student council and I have a 4-H Knitting Club.

How do you contribute to the school/community: Teaching 9th-grade math and helping students be more successful by helping them become better problem-solvers.

Any other notable or unique achievements: I completed three triathlons and one marathon and worked at an outdoor survival program for troubled youth. I also completed my master’s degree in math education.

The most important thing to me is not that my students learn mathematics. If they can walk away with something, it would be that they know I care about them.

Principal Knudsen said, “Nikki Mendenhall is an excellent teacher who loves students. She always has a smile on her face when she greets students, parents, faculty and staff. She is always pleasant, and even when you know she does not feel well, she is positive and warm. Nikki makes sure the students understand the math concepts she is teaching, and that they know how to do the work she assigns. She is constantly encouraging her students to try their best. Nikki is the kind of teacher students love. They always come to visit Nikki before or after school to talk and to feel the genuine love and care she has for them. She always takes time for each and every one of her students. Nikki is the best.”

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