Lauren Bush

Brockbank brought the Christmas spirit to the December Board Meeting with a delightful presentation of “A Brockbank Christmas Carol.”

Principal Larraine Nelson first addressed the Board and thanked them for their support of the students at Brockbank. She spoke about the exciting things that were happening there and how proud she was of the students.

For the main presentation, the sixth-grade student council members performed a creative skit for the Board. The “Ghost of Brockbank Past” reviewed the history of the school with an overview of its opening in 1959, its 5 principals, and the general size of the school at the time. The students sang and danced to “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” to commemorate the era and the season.

The “Ghost of Brockbank Present” spoke on what is going on at Brockbank right here and now. They talked about the growth of the school over the last 50 years increasing from 225 students in 1959 to 631 in 2017. They also showcased the school’s debate team.

The “Ghost of Brockbank Yet to Come” presented last and began wearing a hood. One student said “You look scary!” and the ghost responded “Not really!” and removed her hood. She said that as long as the students continue to do their best, then the school will continue to grow and improve. Their school theme is “Bronco Best Above the Rest” and the students taught what “best” means to them:

B: Building a community that cares
E: Engaging in lifelong learning
S: Setting goals for growth and success
T: Taking ownership of my choices

The students concluded by singing the school song. Thank you students of Brockbank for your wonderful presentation!