Lana H. Hiskey - Public Information Officer - Nebo School District

Nebo School District is excited to announce the names of new schools to be built in the next few years. The district received over 200 proposals from the public through our Web site by e-mail, mail, and telephone. All proposed names were submitted to the Nebo School Board for consideration.

The name for the new Payson Elementary that will be located at approximately 1100 West and 1600 South in Payson is Black Hawk Elementary.

Many citizens in the area know of, and have even camped at, Blackhawk campground in Payson Canyon. Chief Black Hawk is known for his courage, integrity, and dignity as noted in his Autobiography (1833), which has become an American classic.

The new junior high in Salem located at approximately 800 North and Main will be named Salem Junior High. With the wide variety of names that were submitted, the majority proposed Salem Junior High. The Board of Education agreed with this same name.

Spanish Fork’s new elementary will be called Sierra Bonita Elementary. This elementary school will be located approximately 1800 East and 100 South, just west of Maple Mountain High School. Sierra Bonita means “mountain beautiful” and is the former name of Maple Mountain. Official maps call this mountain Mount Flonette.

The naming of the new elementary school in Springville is still under consideration at this time.

Assistant Superintendent, Rick Nielsen said, “It is exciting to see so many participate in the naming of our new schools.”

In addition to building new schools, Nebo School District is also concentrating on our established schools. A new addition to Taylor Elementary in Payson will have nine new classrooms and some additional restrooms. New fine arts remodels are scheduled at each high school including Payson High, Springville High, and Spanish Fork High. Spanish Fork High will also be receiving a new boiler system starting this spring.

“It is extremely important that Nebo District continues to support all of our schools. We want to have equally strong schools in each community,” said Rick Nielsen, Assistant Superintendent.