Wilson Elementary

Lisa Rowley, foundation board member; B.J. Wright, Wilson Sixth-grade Teacher; Lorene Moore, foundation secretary

Wilson Elementary received a grant to purchase a document camera and projector for B.J. Wright’s sixth grade.

“With a LCD projector in my room, I will be able to enhance students’ learning experience through increased interactive activities. When paired with the projector, the document camera will allow students to illustrate their mathematical thinking using pictures and number sentences. This will help students to not only learn how to do math problems, but understand the why behind the how. I am grateful that the Nebo Education Foundation is able to help teachers get access to educational tools that will benefit local children for years to come. It is great to know that there is such support for education in our community. Thank you to all of those who donate both time and money for the benefit of our children,” said B.J. Wright.


Mapleton Junior

Principal Suzanne Kimball, Foundation Vice President Blaine Bird, English teacher Amanda MacKay, Foundation Past President Natalie Clyde

Ms. Amanda MacKay, English teacher at Mapleton Junior, received a grant for English novels for the entire department. Ms. MacKay said, “The eighth-grade English teachers at MJHS were thrilled and a little shocked to receive such a generous donation from the Nebo Education Foundation. The grant will be used to purchase enough copies of class novels for each student to check out and use personally.  We are excited to think of the possibilities that this opens up for our students.  Now, instead of spending the majority of class time reading the text, students can take on more independent reading responsibility, and class time will be freed up for higher-level thinking, using discussion, writing, and group interaction.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  We really cannot thank our generous donors enough!”


Art City Elementary

Art City Elementary received a grant to purchase books for Ms. Shana Huffaker’s sixth grade.

“We are so excited to be able to purchase new books for our literature circles and guided reading groups.   Experience has helped our team to know that if a book does not interest a student, they won’t read it.  However, if a child is engaged in a book they are reading, our job teaching reading is much easier.  We can have great book discussions and practice comprehension skills as well.  Our goal is to find more books that engage all of our students.  If we can find a book that a reluctant reader will read, we can help them move from being a reluctant reader to being excited about reading.  That will be an asset to them for the rest of their lives.  This grant will help us do that.  We will be able to purchase new and fun books for us to use.  Thank you again Nebo Education Foundation for helping us with this.   It will really help our students be more successful,” stated Shana Huffaker, sixth-grade teacher at Art City Elementary.


Springville Junior

Springville Junior received a technology grant. Shawn Hatfield, science teacher, said, “The Nebo Foundation made possible the integration of three Smartboards at Springville Junior High School.  These Smartboards will allow teachers to better utilize the existing computer and LCD projectors in their classrooms. Smartboards allow teachers to make lessons more interactive and thus more enjoyable for their students. Teachers have the capability of creating their own lessons as well as the ability to incorporate lessons developed by teachers all over the world. Funding for the boards includes grants from the Nebo Foundation, The Smarter Kids Foundation and donations collected from Mr. David Hansen, Mrs. Lori Caras, and Mr. Shawn Hatfield.  These teachers would like to express their deepest gratitude and appreciation to everyone who made this purchase possible.”