Lana Hiskey

May 2017 Nebo PEAK Award Winners:

Nebo School District wants to showcase our Positive Energy and Kind employees. PEAK Awards are nominated by patrons and recognized by the Superintendent Staff and Nebo School Board of Education. The award is administered by the Communications and Community Relations Department. 

Eric Kern, Title I Coordinator, Santaquin Elementary
Nominated by: Vicki Lyons & Amy Darrington

“Whenever you see Eric at Santaquin, he has a kind word or compliment for everyone he meets. He has a knack of making everyone feel appreciated and welcome. Eric not only excels in his professional responsibilities, but also in his personal life meeting daily challenges with an optimistic outlook. His ‘Can Do It’ attitude is contagious to others around him. He never complains and has a fun sense of humor that can brighten any room with his laughter.”

“Eric is an absolute delight to work with. He is friendly, positive, energetic and willing to help and provide service to all. As a new Title I coordinator in the district, I have relied on Eric's experience for guidance. He has willingly shared information with me and given of his time to make sure I am trained and informed. He has taken it upon himself to schedule meetings with all of the district Title I coordinators as a way to collaborate and build leadership capacity. One conversation with Eric, and you will sense his passion for education, and for people.” 

Margot Gardiner, Psychologist, East Meadows Elementary
Nominated by: Celeste Gledhill

“Margot is willing to help any person at any time. She has an amazing sense of empathy and goes above and beyond what her job requires. She will help out a student at a moments notice even if it means she will have to stay later to do her testing. The students are constantly on her mind; she often comes to school and says, ‘I've been thinking about (a particular student), and I have done some research on what might help.’ She is amazing!”

Monti Poulson, Teacher, Mt. Nebo Junior
Nominated by: Sherri Madsen

“Monti Poulsen is a very friendly and caring person. I got to know Monti by visiting her classroom with the Assistive Technology Team. She stood out to me because of her willingness to listen, learn, and implement suggestions. Monti and I spoke about grants and ways to obtain technology for our classrooms. I shared some ways that I have been successful in the past. Monti shared with me the Donor's Choose program and some of the many things that she had been awarded for her class by being proactive. When I saw her at the Opening Institute, I asked her about this program again. She dropped all that she was planning for her next hour or so (during one of the busiest times of the school year) and came to my school (on the opposite side of the district) to help me get started. When she found that I was giving someone else a ride back to school for a meeting, she bought me lunch and brought it to me, refusing reimbursement. She not only showed me the website and how to register for it, but she walked me through writing a grant right then and there. I have written many grants that require a variety of formal formats, but she patiently explained how this type of grant should be written for those who are not educators and would be the audience of my words. She spent quite a while with me encouraging me and giving me ideas for what I could do to better serve my students. She gave me many perspectives that I would definitely not thought of on my own.”

Peta Clark, Speech Technician, Oakridge
Nominated by: Tasha Lewis

“Peta is an amazing speech technician. She is always looking for ways to better serve our students and help give them a voice. She is a great leader who needs little direction because she sees what needs to be done and just does it. Peta helps our speech therapist, Jason Shelley, with the Oakridge Christmas play which is a great way to involve the high school students as well as our students. She is positive, outgoing, loving, and helpful.”

Ginger Harrison, Instructional Coach, Brookside Elementary
Nominated by: Alicia Rudd

“Ginger works very hard to make sure she has everything planned and ready when it comes to teaching students. Ginger works until her job is done which means she puts in so many extra hours. Brookside is a better place because of her hard work and dedication. I am proud to call her an employee, but most importantly my friend and inspiration.”

Anna Gammell, Teacher, Foothills Elementary
Nominated by: Candice Brindley

“Anna does an amazing job with her students. I am lucky enough to work with her and have a son in her class. She put so much time and energy into teaching and impacting her students. She is kind and generous.”

This initiative is designed to focus on "raising the bar" on providing exceptional customer service, both internally and externally. A key component of this initiative is the development of the PEAK Award. The PEAK (Positive Energy and Kindness) Award is presented monthly to someone in the Nebo School District who "really gets it" when it comes to providing exceptional customer service, which in turn results in positive impacts on everyone including students, parents, co-workers and members of the community.

Who Gets Nominated?
Faculty and staff members are nominated by anyone in the community through the Nebo School District website, wherein a special Customer Service link is provided. The directions as to how to nominate an employee for the PEAK Awards are clearly spelled out on the site. All nominations must include information on how the individual has provided exceptional customer service, as well as how the employee's actions impacted the nominator's overall perception of Nebo School District Schools. The name and contact information of the nominator must be included.