Lana Hiskey

Nathan Whitney – Mapleton Junior High Principal

The Nebo School Board of Education appointed Nathan Whitney as the Mapleton Junior High Principal for Nebo School District.

Nathan received his associate’s degree at Dixie College, his bachelor’s degrees in biology and Spanish, and his master’s in Education Administration all at Southern Utah University.

For the past three years, Mr. Nathan Whitney served as the Assistant Principal at Spanish Fork Junior High. He served as the Assistant Principal at Diamond Fork Junior for two years as well as the Dean of Students at Mapleton Junior.

“Students are the focus of my educational leadership philosophy. I have the ability to reach and impact students for good,” stated Mr. Whitney.

A colleague said, “Nate is a great leader and has the ability to mentor teachers. He is a highly effective instructional leader. Nate is willing to go the extra mile to try new ideas and strives to help each child succeed in school. I admire his enthusiasm for learning, love of students, collaboration, teaming, and hard work.”

Nathan’s motto is, “Students are the focus, success is the goal.” He said, “I will endeavor to work every day toward this idea. I am glad to be coming back to Mapleton Junior after several years away and have fond feelings for such a fabulous school. My only hope is to continue the amazing culture that has already been established and permeates the school.”

Nathan enjoys gardening, yard work, camping, hiking, and kayaking. He is married to Ginger, and they have four children.