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Students request lawmakers visit classrooms

Submitted by ts on Mon, 02/23/2015 - 3:07pm

Student council members from Sierra Bonita Elementary had the opportunity to visit with Senator Deidre Henderson from Spanish Fork at the Utah State Capitol. The visit was prompted by some ideas these students had about lawmakers’ involvement in education. After conducting a survey of educators and school administrators, sixth grade students wrote an essay stating reasons why it would be beneficial for lawmakers to spend time in schools. The goal was to write a bill requiring legislators to spend a designated day annually in schools and call it Legislator Education Day. Coy McBride, one of these students, contacted Senator Henderson hoping to share the students' ideas and gain sponsorship. Not only was she interested in what they had to say but she invited them to the State Capitol to share their ideas with her. Students enjoyed a tour of the Capitol and, following a meeting with the Senator, sat in on a legislative session.

This story was also featured in the Salt Lake Tribune: