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New Springville Junior Ribbon Cutting

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Wed, 08/20/2014 - 11:35am
Lana Hiskey

Springville Junior High held its ribbon cutting ceremony on Monday, August 18, 10:00 a.m. Principal Ken Van Ausdal welcomed future students, Springville City officials, state representatives, Nebo School District personnel, school employees, and parents.

“We understand opening the new Springville Junior represents a unique opportunity for us to renew ourselves to our profession,” Van Ausdal said. “We as a faculty and staff have accepted to pledge to ‘Do One Thing’ for improvement. One person can make a difference.” 

Principal Van Ausdal invited parents and students to consider “One Thing” they could do to improve the educational opportunities for students at the new school.

The Boy Scouts of America troop #64 conducted the American flag ceremony in respectable fashion. 

Superintendent Rick Nielsen introduced honored guests including MHTN Architects, Hogan General Contractors, engineers, Springville Junior Site Selection Committee, and others that made this school possible. Then he said he liked his position on ribbon cutting program because it was between the flag ceremony by Boy Scout Troop 64 and the orchestra students’ performance.

"This is a reminder for everyone that what we do in Nebo School District begins and ends with students. I’d like to acknowledge the vision of past superintendents and board members, but especially thank those who passed a bond in 2009 that allowed us to build this $25 million school. We applaud you," Superintendent Nielsen said. “The shell is constructed and now the soul, the students, will enter the shell and make it a school."

The crowd was thrilled to listen to a Springville Junior High small ensemble orchestra perform “Joust” by Richard Meyer and directed by Samuel Tsugawa.

Shannon Acor, a Nebo School Board member representing Springville, spoke to the crowd about this memorable event. 

“Through the years this once vacant piece of land was transformed into many things reflecting our children’s imagination. But today it has been transformed into the best thing of all -- a beautiful building of education and learning where students, teachers, families, friends and neighbors come together to help our children’s dreams come true," Mrs. Acor said.

School Board President, Rick Ainge, directed the official ribbon cutting that included students and dignitaries from Nebo School District and Springville City.

Parents and students were then welcomed into the Springville Junior High. The school is located at 189 South 1470 East, Springville. It sits on a 24 acre site with 166,680 square feet of floor space with 51 teaching stations, 4 computer labs,  2 full gymnasiums, and a cafetorium with a stage. 

Nebo School District welcomes all students to the new Springville Junior High under the direction of Principal Ken Van Ausdal, Assistant Principal Rhet Rowley, Dean of Students Tiffanie Miley, and with amazing teachers and staff.