Anti-Vaping Signs inside Nebo Buses

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Nebo Bus with Anti-Vaping Message
Anti-Vaping Message
Students with signs for Anti-Vaping Message

Anti-Vaping Signs inside Nebo Buses

When most students are taking their last vacation right before school starts, going to the lake, camping in the mountains, or even taking that last bike ride, students in Utah County are standing for something. They want students to know it is not okay to vape or smoke on school buses or at school. These students are passionate about providing safer environments for themselves, their peers, families, and younger generations.

Joyce Ah You, the Pacific Islander Coordinator who directs the Island Teens Advocacy Team, said, “Over eight clubs and 50 youth in these advocacy prevention youth groups came together to learn about leadership and learn that their voice is heard.”

“Vaping rates consistently increase among the youth,” said Sarah Simons, Coordinator of OUTRAGE!, with the Utah County Health Department Tobacco Prevention Department. “These students came together to stand up against tobacco companies targeting teens and their peers. We hope these signs will reduce vaping rates.”

Nebo is the first school district to have these anti-vaping stickers placed on buses. Three Nebo students are leading the way applying each sticker to the inside of the bus, right by the front door, where each student who enters can see this important message.  Deanne Smith, a tenth-grade student at Spanish Fork High, Madisan Brittain, a ninth-grade student at Mapleton Junior, and Zack Reffner, an eleventh-grade student at Springville High all attend Nebo Schools.

“I learned about this advocacy group in a school newsletter. The newsletter had information about attending a Leadership Summit to learn more about becoming a leader and leadership skills,” stated Zack. “It was a lot of fun.”

When asked about why this message is important, Zack said, “With these stickers, more students will know that they can’t smoke and vape on the bus or at school.”

Nebo’s Transportation Coordinator, Wade Tischner, said, “The message is good. This is a great reminder about anti-vaping on school grounds and buses. In my time of active duty, I rarely hear young soldiers say, ‘I want to vape.’ But I often hear, ‘I have to quit this.’”
Ah You also mentioned that these youth clubs have come together for many messages including: “Anti-vaping,” “Any race, any face,” “Life is worth living,” and “Your voice is heard.” The students are learning tremendous leadership skills.

Daniel Limb, Utah County Health Educator on Substance Abuse, said, “We come together to help youth advocate and make a difference to protect themselves and their families.”

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By Lana Hiskey