Nebo School District Wins State Energy Award for 2018

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The Association of Energy Engineers awarded Nebo School District, including Energy Specialists Bodie Bradley and Russell Maughan, an Energy Champion award for their commitment to energy efficiency through equipment, lighting, and controls upgrades.

Since partnering with Cenergistic, an energy conservation company, in 2013, Nebo School District has added 700,000 square feet of building space without increasing the utility budget. In addition, Nebo District experienced a 28 percent reduction in its electrical usage and 25 percent overall reduction in utility costs.

“One of our main focuses this last year has been upgrading building automation controls,” Russell Maughan said, “including making energy-efficient equipment and lighting upgrades and changing a lot of the programming and sequencing to reduce energy waste. As a result, especially in the junior highs and high schools, we have seen positive changes in cost reduction and reducing the school district's carbon footprint."

Bodie Bradley said, “With the goal to reduce energy consumption and make things more efficient in Nebo School District, the maintenance and custodial departments were extremely supportive in helping achieve positive results. It is a team effort.” Bodie continued, "We will continue to hit our goals by keeping utility costs as low as possible while trying to maintain a comfortable learning environment."

Superintendent Rick Nielsen said, “There is no question that with Russell Maughan and Bodie Bradley, we have two of the best energy conservation specialists not only in the state of Utah, but also in the entire United States. Not only are they aware of best practices when it comes to energy conservation, but they are also very good in their interpersonal skills and their relationships with other people.”

Superintendent Nielsen continued, “Nebo School District believes in being responsible members of the community and in making responsible decisions with finances.”

Lana Hiskey