Nebo Education Foundation Surprises Teachers April 2018

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The Nebo Education Foundation meets each month at 7:00 a.m. to discuss submitted educational grant proposals for students in Nebo School District. One of the goals of the foundation is to fund worthwhile projects in the district that provide resources to enrich student learning.

Kristina Christensen, past president of the Nebo Education Foundation, said, “It is a pleasure to receive the grant applications and see how remarkable and creative the Nebo District teachers are. The Nebo Education Foundation facilitates these grant monies to help teachers realize their ideas and the students’ potential. As a foundation, we get to see a glimpse at how well our teachers are instructing our students. Our teachers are truly talented and utilize every penny. They do such a great job!”

These grants are funded through the fund-raising efforts of the Nebo Education Foundation board. One fund-raising effort is the annual “Green Fever” golf tournament that helps fund these various grants throughout the year. The “Green Fever” tournament will be Wednesday, May 16, 2018, at Hobble Creek golf course. The foundation also accepts donations from individuals and businesses to support projects.

Congratulations to the following teachers that continue to invigorate the lives of students.

Salem Junior – Sara Barber
“I’m excited to use Gareth Hinds’ graphic novel adaptation of Romeo and Juliet with my ninth-grade English students this spring. I teach students that struggle with reading and this makes the classic play by Shakespeare accessible to them. It will help them visualize what they are reading and improve their reading comprehension. Thanks Nebo Education Foundation!” exclaimed Sara Barber, English teacher at Salem Junior.

Salem Junior – Caroline Hansen Howard
Caroline Hansen Howard, English teacher at Salem Junior, said, “First of all, thank you so much! I appreciate your support and the support of the foundation. My students were excited that they could be part of the presentation of the grant this morning. This money will be used to purchase copies of How They Croaked for 9th grade English. This book is a series of biographies written with wit and sarcasm that students enjoy. Many students have borrowed my personal copy and have loved it. These books are great for reluctant readers because they grab the attention and teach students fun facts about historical figures. Thanks Nebo Foundation!”

Foothills Elementary – Anna Gammell
“We are so excited to be awarded this grant for technology. We will be using to to purchase Chromebooks for our grade level. These Chromebooks are so important for our students as they are learning how to use them. It will help us prepare for testing and allow us the access to different Math and Reading websites that will enhance their learning experience as well. Thank you to the Nebo Foundation for this grant and helping us to achieve our goals for our students,” said Anna Gammell, fourth-grade teacher at Foothills Elementary.

Foothills Elementary – Jill Shipp
Jill Shipp, second-grade teacher at Foothills Elementary, said, “The second grade teachers at Foothills Elementary are so very excited to be awarded the $1000 to purchase more chrome books for our classrooms. We currently have 9 each, and have the long-term goal of getting a class set for each classroom. We are excited about integrating more technology in our classrooms and have felt that that hasn't been possible without having more chrome books available. This grant gives us an exciting step toward that technology goal.”

Mt. Loafer Elementary – Robin Wheatley
“On behalf of Mt. Loafer, I would like to thank the Nebo Foundation for their generous donation. These funds will be used to purchase over 800 books that will be added to the guided reading library. The books could be used for reading instruction for students in kindergarten through sixth grade. These books are both high quality and high interest. Books like these are essential for teaching students. Thank you for support in providing reading resources for our students,” said Robin Wheatley from Mt. Loafer Elementary.

Taylor Elementary – Ien Richins
“Thank you so much Nebo Foundation for this grant. With this money we will be able to add 36 new book titles and over 411 books to our leveled library. These books are going to be used daily by our teachers and students in their classroom for many years to come,” said Ien Richins from Taylor Elementary.

Orchard Hills Elementary – Jenni Coon, Kim Andrews, Debbie Sperry, Patti Jeffery, Christy Collier
“The first grade teachers at Orchard Hills Elementary will be using the grant to purchase Bucket Bands. The bucket bands will help us to integrate the Arts into our Core curriculum. The bucket bands will serve many purposes from music to drama connected with Literacy and Science. The grant will enable us to have music/sound tools in our classroom to help engage our students in an interactive learning experience. Research proves that when students learn new concepts with music, they learn it faster and easier. We are excited to have these bucket bands. Thank you!!” exclaimed first-grade teacher, Patti Jeffery.

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