Eileen Quintana, Native American Manager, Receives Prestigious Award

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Haylee Johansen, program assistant at the Utah Education Network (UEN), surprised Eileen Quintana as one of Utah’s American Graduate Champions. Eileen Quintana is the program manager of the Nebo Title VII Education Program in Nebo School District. Eileen’s co-workers, family, Director J. Lynn Jones, and Superintendent Rick Nielsen were in attendance to congratulate Eileen on this prestigious award.

Johansen said, “Eileen your significant work is making a difference with students and your community. We need people like you! I would like to honor you with an Honorary American Graduate Champion certificate for all your hard work. On behalf of Utah, thank you.”

Eileen Quintana was nominated by a community member. Connecting education to culture can be key to helping Native American students succeed. Through homework labs and summer camps for students in Nebo School district, Eileen Quintana brings individual attention to 220 students who need the resources and support. 

"We face many challenges such as poverty, low graduation rate across the state, health issues and high suicide rates;" says Eileen, "but we are also resilient, hardworking, close knit families through clans and tribes. We are a strong community that feels very committed to the success of our youth."

Congratulations Eileen on supporting Nebo’s Native American students and helping them succeed with one of the highest graduation rates in the country.

Lana Hiskey