Nebo School District Policy and Procedures
Section J: Students


JD Student Conduct and Discipline [ Conducta y disciplina estudiantil ]
JD-E1 Student Discipline Due Process - Regular Education Students Flowchart
JD-E2 Student Discipline Due Process - Students with Disabilities Flowchart [ Debido Proceso para Disciplinar a los Estudiantes ]
JD-E3 Recommended Disciplinary Acction of Indecent Materials [ Acciones Disciplinarias Recomendadas para Material Indecente ]
JD-E4 Documentation of Student Search [ Documentación de Inspección del Estudiante ]
JD-F1 Investigation Checklist (Word Doc)
JD-F2 Complaint Form [ Denuncia ]
JD-F3 Response Form [ Respuesta ]
JD-F4 Witness Form [ Declaración del testigo ]
JD-F5 Investigation Classification Form (Word Doc)
JD-F6 Investigation Report and Decision Form (Word Doc)

JDA Safe School Environment (or get Spanish Version)

JDB Student Substance Abuse (or get Spanish Version)

JDC Student Discrimination and Harassment [ Discriminación y Acoso a los Derechos Civiles del Estudiante ]
JDC-F1 Investigation Checklist (Word Doc)
JDC-F2 Complaint Form [ Denuncia ]
JDC-F3 Response Form [ Respuesta ]
JDC-F4 Witness Form [ Declaración del testigo ]
JDC-F5 Investigation Classification Form (Word Doc)
JDC-F6 Investigation Report and Decision Form (Word Doc)

JDCB (GBEBB) Sexual Harassment (or get Spanish Version)
JDCB-F2 Complaint Form [ Denuncia ]
JDCB-F3 Response Form [ Respuesta ]
JDCB-F4 Witness Form [ Declaración del testigo ]
JDCB-F5 Investigation Classification Form (Word Doc)
JDCB-F6 Investigation Report and Decision Form (Word Doc)

JDD (GBEA) Prohibition of Bullying, Hazing, and Retaliation [ Prohibición del bullying, las novatadas y las represalias ]
JDD-F1 Investigation Checklist (Word Doc)
JDD-F2 Complaint Form [ Denuncia ]
JDD-F3 Response Form [ Respuesta ]
JDD-F4 Witness Form [ Declaración del testigo ]
JDD-F5 Investigation Classification Form (Word Doc)
JDD-F6 Investigation Report and Decision Form (Word Doc)
JDD-F7 Communication of Risk and Harm (Word Doc) (also Spanish Version PDF or Word Doc)

JDE Student Electronic Devices (or get Spanish Version)

JDF Student Detention, Suspension and Dismissal (or get Spanish Version)

JDG Student Dress and Grooming Standards [ Normas de Vestimenta y Presentación Personal de Estudiantes ]
JDGA School Uniforms (or get Spanish Version)

JDH Student Attendance (or get Spanish Version)

JDJ Student Demonstrations and Strikes (Disruptions of the School) (or get Spanish Version)

JDK Home School and Other Compulsory Education Exemptions (also Spanish Version)
JDK-F Home School Letter/Instructions
JDK-F2 Home School Affidavit and Exemption Certificate

JEB Policy School Entrance Age

JECB Student Enrollment (or get Spanish Version)
JECB-F1 Open Enrollment Application (digital form changes periodically, found on this page)

JECBA Student Eligibility for Participation in Extracurricular Activities and Athletic Transfers [ Elegibilidad de los estudiantes para participar en actividades extracurriculares y transferencias deportivas ]

JECC Students in Homeless Situations
JECC-F1 Homeless Student Dispute Resolution Procedures
JECC-F2 Homeless Student Dispute Resolution Form

JEE Policy Nebo School District Student Parking

JEFB Policy Released Time for Religious Instruction

JFBB Student Clubs [ Clubes de Estudiantes ]
JFBB-F1 Curricular/Non-Curricular Club Application [ Solicitud de Club Curricular/No Curricular ]
JFBB-F2 Curricular Parent/Guardian Consent Form [ Club Curricular Formulario de Consentimiento de Padres/Tutor ]
JFBB-F3 Non-Curricular Parent/Guardian Consent Form [ Club No Curricular Formulario de Consentimiento de Padres/Tutor ]

JHB Home and Hospital Instruction
JHB-F1 Request for Home and Hospital Instruction Form
JHB-F2 Home and Hospital Teaching Record Form

JHC Policy Student Health Services

JHCB Policy Immunization of Students [ Inmunización de los estudiantes ]

JHCD Policy Administering Medicines to Students
JHCD-F Authorization of Student Medication
JHCD-F1 State Allergy & Anaphylaxis - Emergency Action Plan (EAP)
JHCD-F2 State Asthma Action Plan
JHCD-F3 State Asthma Medication Authorization Form
JHCD-F4 State Diabetes Emergency Action Plan (EAP)
JHCD-F5 State Diabetes Individualized Healthcare Plan (IHP)
JHCD-F6 State Diabetes Medication Management Orders (DMMO)
JHCD-F7 State Seizure Individualized Healthcare Plan (IHP) Emergency Healthcare Plan
JHCD-F8 State Seixure Medication Management Orders (SMMO)
JHCD-F9 State Epinephrine Authorization Form
JHCD-F10 State Medication Administration Log
JHCD-F11 State Medication Error Report Form

JHCE Life with Dignity Orders

JHFA Policy Child Abuse or Neglect (or get Spanish Version)
JHFA-F1 Child Abuse or Neglect Reporting Form
JHFA-F2 School Liability Release Form

JHG Management of Concussions and Head Injuries (or get Spanish Version)
JHG-F1 Parent Consent and acknowledgement of Management of Concussions and Head Injuries Policy (or get Spanish Version)
JHG-F2 UHSAA High School Athletics Student and Parent Consent and Acknowledgement of Management of Concussions and Head Injuries Policy (or get Spanish Version)

JN Elementary and Secondary Student Fees (or get Spanish Version)
JN-E1 Elementary School Fee Schedule [ Escuela Primaria Lista de Aranceles ]
JN-E2 Middle School Fee Schedule [ Escuela Intermedia Lista de Aranceles ]
JN-E3 Jr. High School Fee Schedule [ 1er Ciclo de Secundaria Lista de Aranceles ]
JN-E4 High School Fee Schedule [ Secundaria Lista de Aranceles ]
JN-E5 Spending Plan [ Plan de Gastos ]

JNA Collection of Delinquent Student Fees
Suggested Letter Content ( Letter 1, Letter 2, Letter 3 )

JO Student Records and Data Protection (Collection, Maintenance and Dissemination) (or get Spanish Version)
JO-F Consent to Release Educational Records of Student
JO-F2 Directory Information Opt Out

JOA Policy on Protection of Pupil Rights

JP Seclusion and Restraint [ Aislamiento y Restricción ]

JR Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 [ Estudiantes con discapacidades según la Sección 504 ]

JS Special Education [ Educación especial]
JS-E1 Special Education Polices and Procedures Manual [ Manual de Políticas y Procedimientos de Educación especial del Distrito Escolar de Nebo ]

JU Student Memorials Policy