Nebo School District Policy and Procedures
Section G: Personnel


GA Employee Job Studies and Descriptions

GBA Employee Associations

GBC Policy Employee Code of Ethics and Conduct

GBCC Policy Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace Policy

GBEA (JDD) Prohibition of Bullying, Hazing, and Retaliation [ Prohibición del bullying, las novatadas y las represalias ]
GBEA-F1 Investigation Checklist (Word Doc)
GBEA-F2 Complaint Form
GBEA-F3 Response Form
GBEA-F4 Witness Form
GBEA-F5 Investigation Classification Form (Word Doc)
GBEA-F6 Investigation Report and Decision Form (Word Doc)

GBEB Employee Discrimination and Harassment (or get Spanish Version)
GBEB-F1 Investigation Checklist (Word Doc)
GBEB-F2 Complaint Form
GBEB-F3 Response Form
GBEB-F4 Witness Form
GBEB-F5 Investigation Classification Form (Word Doc)
GBEB-F6 Investigation Report and Decision Form (Word Doc)

GBEBA (JDCA) Service Animals (or get Spanish Version)
GBEBA-F (JDCA-F) Service Animals Form

GBEBB (JDCB) Sexual Harassment (or get Spanish Version)
GBEBB-F1 Investigation Checklist (Word Doc)
GBEBB-F2 Complaint Form
GBEBB-F3 Response Form
GBEBB-F4 Witness Form
GBEBB-F5 Investigation Classification Form (Word Doc)

GBEC Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993

GBEF Employee/Student Standards of Conduct

GBEG Workplace Accommodations for Employees with Disabilities
GBEG-F1 Employee Request for ADA Accommodation Form

GBHA Policy Scope of Employment

GBHC Employee Immunizations

GBN Employment Background Checks

GCA Local Education Agency (LEA) - Specific Educator Licenses

GCBA Employment and Supervision of Relatives

GCD Hiring Practices [ Prácticas de contratación ]

GCE Policy Substitutes

GCN Employee Evaluations

GCPA Educator Exit and Engagement Surveys

GCPC Employee Retirement Eligibility

GCPD Employee Discipline, Administrative Leave and Orderly Termination (or get Spanish Version)
GCPD-F1 Investigation Checklist (Word Doc)
GCPD-F2 Complaint Form
GCPD-F3 Response Form
GCPD-F4 Witness Form
GCPD-F5 Investigation Classification Form (Word Doc)
GCPD-F6 Investigation Report and Decision Form (Word Doc)

GCPF Reduction in Force (or get Spanish Version)

GCR Overtime, Compensatory Time, and Flexibile Work Time
GCR-F Comp and Flex Time Log

GDA Classified Employee Job Review [ Revisión del trabajo de los empleados clasificados ]
GDA-F1 Classified Employee Job Review Form [ Formulario de Revisión de Trabajo para Empleados Clasificados ]

GF Coaches and Advisors
GF-E1 High School Extracurricular Positions and Funding (Exhibit 1)
GF-E2 Junior High School Extracurricular Positions and Funding (Exhibit 2)
GF-E3 High School Extracurricular Stipend Schedule (Exhibit 3)
GF-F1 High School and Junior High School Extracurricular Stipend Payment Request Forms (Excel file)