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Billi Robbins Recognized by BYU Leadership Preparation Program

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Wed, 11/28/2012 - 3:23pm

Billi Robbins faces the challenge of balancing her work, school, internship and family, but she meets it with determination. She recently received a department scholarship for her excellent work.  Billi is a graduate student in the BYU School Leadership program studying to become a school administrator.

Billi’s love for teaching blossomed at an early age. She has many educators in her family and always knew she wanted to make a difference for children. Her own elementary teachers also inspired her to become an educator.

“I grew up on a small island in North Carolina, so the largest class size I had was 17 students.  We definitely got a lot of one-on-one attention,” Billi said. “I had a teacher in third grade who made learning fun for us. I think that was definitely the turning point for me even at the young age of nine years old. I wanted to be like her.”

Billi earned her bachelor’s degree in elementary education from East Carolina University. She has experience teaching kindergarten, and first, third, and fourth grades. She has also been a Title 1 staff developer at two schools in Utah.

Billi is pursuing an administrative career in hopes of increasing her ability to make a difference in schools in a new capacity. “I’ve loved being a part of professional learning communities as a teacher and as a staff developer,” Billi said. “Now I’m looking forward to taking that next step in professional communities to become the facilitator and help my staff with professional development and becoming a better professional learning community.”

Through her internship in the School Leadership program, Billi has gained many meaningful experiences. She has interned at Diamond Fork Junior High in Spanish Fork, Utah and is now interning at Vineyard Elementary School in Orem, Utah.

“By far the best part of the LPP track is the internship,” Billi said. “I have been side by side with Mr. Troy Peterson in many experiences working with the faculty, working with students, and working with parents. He’s given me some projects where I’ve used data and helped the school make some decisions to better instruct the students.”

Billi is the mother of three children ages three, five, and seven. She and her husband enjoy doing activities with them, especially sports. Billi personally loves softball, water sports, and boating.

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