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Nebo’s Remote Learning

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Tue, 10/13/2020 - 1:17pm
By Lana Hiskey

Nebo School District started school this fall under extremely unusual times by providing both At-School Learning and Remote Learning for 2020-2021. Essentially Nebo District opened up the equivalent of two large elementary schools with over 1,500 remote students and then another 1,200 in secondary. These remote students attend kindergarten through twelfth-grade. 

Nebo teachers helped all these remote students adapt to new schedules, learn new online tools, and be responsible for being independent learners. Nebo teachers have had to learn how to use Canvas, Zoom, and numerous other educational learning tools as well as put into place procedures for remote daily schedules, student Zoom etiquette, and the influx of email messages. Teachers are grateful to receive essential feedback through Zoom on learning objectives and goals.

This new way of teaching has taken an entire village of individuals to pull off Remote Learning successfully.  Some of these Nebo Heroes include support staff of digital coaches, instructional coaches, math specialists, science specialists, and ELL technicians who have all worked long hours troubleshooting with teachers and answering questions. 

Suzanne Kimball, Curriculum Coordinator said, “Overall, we have learned so much about change, tackling new challenges, and the value of collaboration as teams have worked together to share the load and support one another.”

Lauren Casutt, a Nebo remote teacher, said, “I have learned a title wave of information during the first few weeks. Looking back, I am amazed at all I have accomplished. At first, I was very overwhelmed at this new way of teaching. Now, I have found my groove and am really enjoying it. I have learned how to use new technology like Canvas, Flip Grid, Zoom, Loom, and Seesaw to create quality lessons. We have met in small groups to give my students individualized instruction over Zoom. Also, I create CMI math lessons with quality small group instruction. 

“I have the most adorable students whom I have grown to love just like I would if I were teaching them in a traditional classroom setting,” stated Lauren. “I think both the parents and the students have benefitted from Remote Learning. This new way of learning helps encourage the parent to be an active participant in their child’s education. The parents and teachers are working as a team. I received this email recently from a parent.”

The parent stated, “I just wanted to thank you for everything you’re doing! I appreciate how organized you are with your class assignments and what a wonderful teacher you are. You explain things in your lessons in a way that the kids understand, the work load is just right and you stay structured all while being so positive and kind. I know this year is so different for everyone and you are doing an amazing job! My son is learning so much and so excited about school. Thank you! We appreciate all you do!”

MaryKathryn Hall, a Nebo remote teacher said, “When I received the assignment to become a remote fifth-grade teacher, I was apprehensive. However, as the year has progressed, Remote Learning has become a positive experience. I still have a longing for children to fill the seats in my classroom; but as I get on Zoom calls, I have 45 awesome students.  We talk as if we were in a regular classroom.  

“I teach them math online, and we try to implement CMI concepts. Additionally, my writing instruction has been stronger than other years. The things I am learning as a remote teacher will definitely benefit me and my students in the future. For example, the other day we did a lesson on inference that I will incorporate into my future teaching.  The science lessons have been spot on. The students have a science notebook just like they would in a regular classroom. We are looking forward to starting small group instruction groups. This will let me not only be able to get to know them in a different way, but also let me teach them all the skills needed to become a successful reader.  

“The support staff has gone above and beyond. My computer skills when we started were not as strong as I would have liked them to be. The skills I have learned will make me a stronger teacher in years to come. Blended learning was a class I attended this summer, and now I understand the importance of having computer learning be a part of the classroom. The education I have received by being a remote teacher will benefit me. I will continually learn new programs to help my students learn what they need to be successful in the future. Each day when I greet my students on the computer, I know this is the role I needed to be in this year.”  

Remote Learning is successful when the teacher and parent work together as a team. Thank you parents for being committed to following the Zoom schedule and helping your child with their assignments.  

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