Students Providing Service

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Mon, 11/19/2012 - 11:52

Service is the key to enriching lives—both the one offering and the one receiving the service are blessed as a result of it.  At Landmark High School, the Nebo School District’s alternative high school, students are given the opportunity to perform meaningful service throughout the school year.  It is an integral part of the culture we are trying to build and the experience we provide.

Service opportunities are organized with the help of teacher advisors and student senators.  The Student Senate at Landmark is a group of students selected by their peers for having a positive influence around the school.  Each senate works with their advisor to facilitate a service project in each advisory class.  Projects include: blood drives hosted at Landmark throughout the year, canned food drives, clothing drives, visiting local senior citizen centers, recycling, visiting the Christmas Box House, sub for Santa etc.  Students organize and carry out the projects. 

Recently, students had the opportunity to visit a local retirement home with several flower pots of mums.  The flowers were grown in the Landmark greenhouse under the direction of greenhouse manager, Mark Van Wagoner.  Many are sold throughout the community.  On this particular day, however, the flowers were presented as gifts to the many residents at the home.  

Mark had this to say about the project, “As part of our service field trip we took several flats of 'garden mums' that the students grew in the greenhouse and handed one to every resident at Orchard Park. A total of 51 plants were handed out. There was a huge response from everyone, even the staff. The residents were so grateful that a bunch of high school kids would take the time out of their learning time to come and 'brighten their day'.   I don't think there is any better way to help these kids learn about loving and caring for people then by sharing something you've put time and effort in growing and caring for, as the mums they handed out.”

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