ALC and MMHS Student – Seth Christmas – Takes Gold at Nationals

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Seth Christmas Wins Gold at Welding Nationals
Welding Nationals
Welding Nationals
Welding Nationals
Welding Nationals
Welding Nationals
Welding Nationals

Seth Christmas, an Advanced Learning Center (ALC) student and Maple Mountain High (MMHS) student, won Gold at the SkillsUSA Nationals in Georgia in June 2022.  

Seth competed in the Collision and Repair Technology Division using the skills he learned in his advanced collision courses instructed by Chet Harmer at the ALC and in his welding classes from Jared Massic at Maple Mountain High. Seth was able to travel to Georgia and compete due to the gracious support of the Nebo School District CTE Department, Martin’s Collision, Cascade Collision, and Whitlock Auto Body.

The Collision and Repair Technology competition evaluates each contestant’s preparation for employment and recognizes outstanding students for excellence and professionalism in the field of collision repair technology. The competition included an interview, a 50-question written knowledge test given by Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), an estimation test, and a structural test. These tests also included math, science, and language arts academic skills. Additionally, Seth demonstrated his repair skills based on a task list outlined by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) and the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF). Specifically, Seth competed in metal straightening, welding, plastic repair, and structural analysis. Seth’s overall appearance of his finished product, speed, and proper safety practices scores led him to gold.

Seth outperformed his peers by winning the highest overall scores in:

  • Repairing depressed areas on a steel panel with plastic body filler
  • Repairing a depressed area of an aluminum panel using heating techniques
  • Repairing depressed areas using metal finishing techniques on a steel panel
  • Preparing a steel panel for primer application
  • Demonstrating attachment methods needed for collision repair of steel and aluminum panels
  • Completing a backside reinforced cosmetic surface repair on a plastic vehicle part. Mixing and applying appropriate material
  • Completing a front-side cosmetic surface repair on a plastic vehicle part. Mixing and applying appropriate material 
  • Completing surface preparation
  • Completing a tear repair on a plastic vehicle part using a plastic nitrogen welder. Applying appropriate material 
  • Describing basic steering and suspension components of the vehicle
  • Describe steering and suspension geometry
  • Performing a structural damage analysis
  • Performing a structural realignment
  • Measuring and analyzing structural, steering, and suspension misalignment of a unitized body vehicle using a computerized measuring system
  • Completing an oral assessment/interview
  • Maintaining professional conduct
  • Maintaining professional appearance 

Completing a job application and résumé 

Seth’s prizes include tools from Snap-On, South Wire, Miller Welding, Harbor Freight, Chief Automotive, GearWrench, Malco, scholarships from Universal Technical Institute and Utah Valley University, and more prizes to come!  

Congratulations to Nebo student, Seth Christmas, Maple Mountain High’s teacher, Jared Massic, as well as Advanced Learning Center’s teacher, Mr. Harmer!

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By Lana Hiskey