Maple Grove Middle and Kate Elliott Earn Nebo #Hashtag Award

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Fri, 02/25/2022 - 10:00
Sarah Brunson, Kate Elliott, Nathan Whitney

Congratulations to Maple Grove Middle, in Nebo School District, and their school PR Ambassador, Kate Elliott, for earning the Nebo #Hashtag Award. This award is given to the school that communicates to their parents and students, in a variety of ways, the events and important news items happening at school. Maple Grove Middle has posted over 24 stories this past month and 134 stories for the school year. The school is in its first year and is working on getting their families connected on social media to get the latest news from the school. Go check out all the wonderful things that are happening at Maple Grove Middle:

Principal Nathan Whitney said, “Kate, our awesome Dean of Students, does a fantastic job keeping our website up to date with frequent and current information that parents and students find interesting and helpful! She also creates a weekly parent email that shares important school communication out to parents. Many parents have shared with me how thankful they are for the proactive and timely communication that Mrs. Elliott consistently provides through her frequent web-posts and weekly emails!” 

“It has been fun opening Maple Grove and being a part of the positive culture we are creating here.  Posting the amazing things that students and teachers are doing on the website, Facebook and Instagram has helped include the parents on the marvelous events happening at The Grove!” exclaimed Kate Elliott.

Lana Hiskey, the Nebo Communications Administrator, presented the award to School PR Ambassador Kate Elliott, Assistant Principal Sarah Brunson, and Principal Nathan Whitney. Congratulations on a job well done!

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By Lana Hiskey