Congratulations to Neisha Coutlee UCET Innovative Teacher for 2021

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Tue, 03/23/2021 - 16:44
Neisha Coutlee, fifth-grade teacher at Sierra Bonita

Neisha Coutlee, fifth-grade teacher at Sierra Bonita, was honored as a UCET Innovative Teacher for 2021 at the UCET conference on March 20, 2021.

Neisha is in her fifth year of teaching. She loves to use technology in her classroom and is not afraid to try blended learning strategies with her students. Neisha also enjoys finding new digital tools to make her job easier. She is obsessed with anything Google. 

During soft closure, Neisha looked for a variety of opportunities to engage her students. One of the activities that she did to engage her students was creating a scavenger hunt. She would take a picture of something around the city and students would need to find where the picture was taken. They would report back on a Google Form and talk about it during their class Zoom meetings. Students loved being able to share where the picture was taken and students were excited to come to Zoom class to share. She also uses her class website to keep her students and parents informed about what is going on in her classroom. Her website has links to video tutorials that she's created, as well as, links to the daily schedule with tasks. This school year, Neisha has started using a lot of blended learning in her classroom and uses the data from her digital formative assessments to guide her instruction. She uses Classkick to involve her in-person students, as well as, her students who are home on quarantine. Classkick allows her to move around the room and really work with individual students at their level. 

Nebo is so proud of Neisha for being an innovative teacher! Thank you for being a Nebo Hero! 

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By Lana Hiskey