Mt. Nebo Junior Delights Nebo School Board of Education

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By Lana Hiskey

Principal Ryan McGuire thanks the Nebo Board of Education for the opportunity to present and showcase some amazing things happening at the Mt. Nebo Junior. He introduced the School Community Council Vice Chair, Kelsey Gardner, as well as the choir instructor, Russ Sumens.

Kelsey Gardner said, “It has been amazing to see some of the behind the scenes work that goes on to make our school a better place. Thank you to the Nebo School Board for the remodel funding that was provided to Mt. Nebo Junior this year. It has been great to see the school looking refreshed and new.”

A few of the projects that have been completed, or are in the works, including:
•    Created a new parent drop off area--it saved parents lots of time and made it saver for students by fixing the congestion;
•    Removed carpet from the walls and added new paint;
•    Fixed and painted doors;
•    Added new LED lights;
•    Upgraded library; and
•    Added new lunchroom tables.

Mrs. Gardner also presented about school goals. 
One goal was to decrease failing grades and tardies through the SUCCESS program. Sometimes all these students really need is just a small taste of success to propel them to achieve greater achievements. The entire culture of the school has helped these students feel some success. Kelsey has seen this firsthand.

•    Some data shared included: Mt. Nebo’s first term saw 84% reduction in “F” grades compared to last year. In second term there was an 81% reduction. 

•    Additionally, there was a 60% reduction in tardies from first term to second term this year.

“When I asked my students about what they thought about the new tardy program this year, they told me that they love being able to get to their classes easier and they actually feel safer at school now – which was interesting to me,” stated Kelsey. She also mentioned, “My daughter has had multiple opportunities to go to leadership training programs as part of her participation on Hope Squad. I have been impressed with the growth I see happening with her. We have LOVED being a part of Mt. Nebo Junior. “It is great to be involved. Thank you for your time and commitment to students in Nebo School District.” 

Choir instructor, Russ Sumens, enthusiastically led the Mt. Nebo Junior Chamber Choir in a couple of musical numbers that enthralled the eager crowd and the Nebo School Board of Education. The first song was in the Zulu language and is called “Singabahambayo” and the second song was a beautiful medley of “Sing Your Way Home” and “Goin Home.”  The Mt. Nebo Chamber Choir consists of seventh-, eighth-, and ninth-grade students who auditioned to be in the advanced choirs at Mt. Nebo Junior. 

Mr. Sumens said, “These are some of the most dedicated and hard-working students I have ever worked with.  We will typically work 8 to 12 weeks to prepare songs for a concert, but these students were focused and able to accomplish these two songs in just over four weeks. I could not be more proud of them.  These students exemplify the best qualities of the students at Mt. Nebo. Thanks for inviting us to sing!  It was an amazing experience.”

Thank you, Mt. Nebo Junior, for enriching our students’ education.

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