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Junior High Youth Board Meets with Nebo School Board of Education - Answer to Wednesday Challenge

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Fri, 01/10/2020 - 4:00pm
By Lana Hiskey

Superintendent Rick Nielsen and the Nebo School Board of Education meet with students from each of the high schools and junior high schools on a quarterly basis. Each Youth Board representative is selected by his/her principal to be a spokesperson for their school.

This month the junior high school students came and first introduced themselves. Then a discussion ensued. School board member, Randy Boothe, asked the students whose school is the best. Many of the students jumped in and pronounced their junior high the best. Some reasons included: our school has great communication, creativity, athletics, and we feel welcome there. Most came to the conclusion that the reason their school was the best was because of the people (educators) at their school.

There was much discussion on the emphasis of the inclusion of everyone, making friends, and showing kindness. Some students expressed their appreciation of their administration genuinely listening to the students’ concerns. The students mentioned that their own school’s educators don’t just ask for input from the students but also for the students’ solutions. The students truly appreciate this back and forth communication.

The Nebo School Board of Education expressed that this Youth Board meeting time is valuable because they hear from the students. The Nebo Education School Board thanked the students for the discussion at Youth Board meeting. The students seemed at ease to discuss what was on their minds with the Nebo School Board.

An advantage of these group discussions for students to be heard and to learn from each other. This sharing opportunity promotes friendships between the schools in our Nebo School District that is growing about 500 students yearly with over 34,000 students this year.    

Congratulations to Karen Matsuoka for answering this week's "Where are we Wednesday?" challenge sponsored by Wiggy Wash.                    

Front Row: Junior high students in no particular order. 
Jaydon Matsuoka & Bailey Maughan, Diamond Fork Junior; Gavin Henrie & McKell Parcell, Salem Junior; Nate Hill & Gabby Ramirez, Spanish Fork Junior; Nathan Nelson & Cristina Munoz, Mapleton Junior; Parker Cowley & Sahaja Rutledge, Mt. Nebo Junior; Kaley Hanks & Kaleb Spencer, Payson Junior; Owen Taylor, Springville Junior; Secondary Director Ann Anderson.

Back Row: Nebo School Board of Education: Scott Card, Rick Ainge, Dean Rowley, Superintendent Rick Nielsen, President Lisa Rowley, Shannon Acor, and Randy Boothe.