Grants Awarded in October 2017 by the Nebo Education Foundation - Answer to Wednesday Challenge

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Lauren Bush

The Nebo Education Foundation is composed of 20 volunteer board members who live in cities serviced by Nebo School District. Each month, the foundation meets to discuss grant requests and other ways to raise money for the continual improvement of Nebo School District. For the month of October, there were many teachers who submitted requests for grant money to better their classrooms and/or school as a whole. Congratulations to the following teachers who received grants from the Nebo Education Foundation! These teachers continually benefit our district with their service to their students.

Meadow Brook Elementary - Michaela Evans & Sari Larson
“We are so excited and so grateful to be receiving a grant to get more Chromebooks in our classroom! These will get us one step closer to having a 1-1 classroom! These Chromebooks will be used for various important purposes in the classroom setting. One of the primary purposes will be to provide extra practice and reinforcement of keyboarding skills and computer use to ensure the students are ready and experienced when they take their Sage test at the end of the year. We can't wait to be able to use technology more in our classroom! Thank you Nebo Education Foundation!”

Brookside Elementary - Mijken Hall
“I am so thankful to the Nebo Education Foundation for helping my classroom purchase a color printer and ink! We will be creating materials that are interactive, age-appropriate and long-lasting. My students really learn best when they have colorful, engaging materials and now we can create them instead of buying them! I so appreciate all of those who contribute to the Nebo Education Foundation. THANK YOU!!”

Mapleton Elementary - Kelsey Foster
“Thank you to the Nebo Education Foundation for granting our classroom $1,000 to be used to increase the number of Chromebooks we have in our classroom. Our principal, Mrs. Julie Peery, has agreed to match the donation and the added technology will be incredibly helpful. Having technology in the classroom is important in so many ways. Lessons can be more engaging and enhanced with online resources. My sixth graders are able to draft, edit and revise their essays and submit them on Google Classroom. We have even been able to use Chromebooks for coding activities. Soon, we will begin building ROV's for the Utah Underwater Robotics competition and students will be researching careers in the engineering field and using online resources to plan and design their ROV frame. In addition, we will be able to use Chromebooks to increase student digital citizenship as they become safe and responsible consumers of technology.”

Riverview Elementary - Heidi Bundy
“The Nebo Education Foundation has matched money to buy a Chromebook cart, to hold the class set of Chromebooks we have been able to receive. We were able to match funds for 10 Chromebooks from the foundation last year. With the help of PTA and other fundraisers we have another 20 making a class set. They are plugged in all over my classroom.  With the new cart they will be able to be charged in one location. This way I won't worry about an outlet issue. It is also a safety issue. Too many power strips in one outlet is a fire hazard.  This cart will charge the Chromebooks evenly and create easy access for the students.  We really appreciate the efforts of the Nebo Education Foundation to make learning more varied for varied learning styles. Thanks!” - Mrs. Bundy's class.

Brockbank Elementary - Robin Martin
“As a Speech-Language Pathologist in the District we work with 100 or more kids who all need different levels of support. There is no way I have the time to create individualized lessons for every student. I am so grateful to receive a grant from the NEBO Education Foundation that allows me to buy the academic and therapeutic materials I need to give my students the individual attention they deserve. This money will go a long way. Thank you for supporting special education needs!”

Rees Elementary - Tim Mendenhall
“This grant is allowing me to purchase four iPads for my 6th grade classroom. iPads are the BEST production tool any classroom can have. An iPad is a camera, a video camera, a mixing board, a green screen, and a production computer with all the software included! In my classroom, my students will be creating instructional videos, showcase learning, expressing their ideas all with a "real world" tool.  I want my student to see school as a place to learn REAL things to help them in the REAL world. These iPads are a great tool to help enhance the learning in my classroom. Thanks, Nebo Foundation!”

Diamond Fork Jr. High - Eric Evans
“Thank you again Nebo Foundation for helping put great resources in my classroom. We've used and loved the Atlases from last year! This year I am hoping to really allow my students to learn at their own pace and technology helps me do this best. With these headphones I can now assign EdPuzzle videos and other online learning experiences without the volume up on every Chromebook. Thank you again for helping make a tool I already have (Chromebooks) even more effective for instruction.”

Sierra Bonita Elementary - Karilyn Diede
“I am very grateful for the generous donation of funds to purchase Chromebooks for my students. I love using Chromebooks in the classroom to help my students gain 21st Century Skills. Technology is here to stay and you have helped my students get their hands on these incredible resources. Students are engaged in lessons that involved using the Chromebooks whether it be for Math, Literacy Arts, Science or other core subjects students are excited to learn with technology. We use our Chromebooks every day in teaching the core. Again, I really appreciate your funds to serve the students in my classroom.

Spanish Fork Jr. High - Tanner Mortimer
“Thank you so  much! These headphones will make a difference in my classroom. Kids will now be able to have engaging activities on their Chromebooks. More activities and assessments will be able to have audio dimension allowing for correct vocabulary pronunciation. Thank you so much for all you do!”

Spanish Fork Jr. High - Jonathan Lawrence
“With the donation from the Nebo Foundation, we are adding two novels and a non-fiction piece that will help us in teaching our curriculum in Freshman English. We are appreciative to the Nebo Foundation for supporting our project. These books will serve our students for many years to come in the Freshman English classes here at Spanish Fork Junior High,” Jonathan Lawrence, English teacher at Spanish Fork Jr. High, said.

Spanish Oaks Elementary - Gregg Crockett
“The purpose for writing this grant was for our students to show their work that doesn't get seen.  As we move into a more technological age, students are doing more and more with digital learning. This year my class made their own websites. On these sites they will be putting other digital work, i.e.: Writing, Digital Media Arts, Slides, and many more projects to engage their learning. Unlike most of our student work that we are able to display outside in the halls, this work has gone unnoticed by the students, faculty and our community. By having a TV installed and connected to the Liva mini computer, we will be able to display ALL our students’ work in the hall. A slideshow presentation for the entire school, as well as those who enter the building, will be visible for all to see and appreciate.”

“Beyond being able to place students’ digital works on the screen, we will also be able to have announcements and reminders from the school running in banner format. This will provide a service to all patrons who enter and exit the school, informing them of what we are accomplishing with our students, and what is happening at our school.”

Mt. Loafer Elementary - Kaili Morris, Deann Grover, Shellie Olsen
“We are so grateful to the Foundation for your support in funding our grant! This is just exactly what we need! Our school purchased 5 iPads per classroom for first-grade students to use.  But because we didn't have protective cases and headphones, we didn't feel we could really use them effectively. Now we'll be able to have students working independently on Imagine Learning during our literacy block. This will certainly benefit all the first graders, but especially our ones who struggle with reading. Imagine Learning is a wonderful intervention that now we'll be able to access more efficiently. We're all doing a little 'happy dance' with excitement about the possibilities! Thanks a million!”

Orchard Hills Elementary - Mindee Everitt
“I received a grant for iPads for my classroom. These iPads will help with multiple things. I plan to use them in my classroom daily so my students can benefit from using technology to help them more on their own individual levels. I feel that by using them in my classroom, students will be able to receive more on level support to help them succeed. They can also use a lot of different apps on them to learn. I feel very lucky and thankful for the Nebo Foundation. I know that without them we couldn't afford to get these to help our students. Thanks so much!!”

Orchard Hills Elementary - Christy Collier
“I asked for funding on a rug for our classroom to use during our story time, calendar, and whole group lessons. My students need a clear established area for a classroom community area to promote safety and comfort in their learning environment. This means that we can continue to build community and learn in our classroom and have space to work and act and grow! It is such a great benefit to our classroom. Thank You, Nebo Education Foundation!”

Orchard Hills Elementary - Stephanie Wood, Sandy Olson, Jordyn Earl, and Ashleigh Middlebrook
“The 6th grade teachers at Orchard Hills are excited to be the recipients of the Nebo Foundation Grant. This grant will allow our students to use scientific and engineering practices with a hands-on experience involving a natural ecosystem in our area, the Salem Pond. Students will use the steps of the scientific process to analyze the ecosystem around the Salem Pond. The students will analyze the pH level of the pond to determine plant and animal life, use binoculars to look at birds, gather and analyze samples of microorganisms. Thank you so much for helping our 6th graders to have this experience!” stated Stephanie Wood, sixth-grade teacher at Orchard Hills.

Santaquin Elementary - Taylor Snow
“I am so thankful to be receiving a Nebo Education Grant! I was able to receive a $500 grant to purchase more Chromebooks for my classroom. With the incorporation of technology, my students who previously refused to work, began to complete their assignments. Technology is a great motivator for students to learn and stay engaged. I plan to use the Chromebooks in my classroom so that I may maximize the learning for my students in all subject areas. Some examples of time I plan to use the Chromebooks are: in writing to allow students to collaborate in their writing and research projects, in science to simulate experiments, and in math to use online manipulatives to deepen their mathematical understanding. Once again, I am so thankful to be given this grant to provide Chromebooks to my students to improve their learning experiences and engagement.”

Salem Hills High - Laurie Hansen
“Thank you to the Nebo Education Foundation for the $250 in grant money for our Kiddie Hawk Preschool at Salem Hills High School. We have purchased a small, front facing book shelf to display books for the children. Because the books are visible all the time, the children become interested in the stories. They are always asking a high school student to read them the stories. We will also be purchasing $150 worth of new books through Scholastic to be used in the book shelf. Books will be related to our monthly theme, letters of the week, and special holidays.”

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