Nebo District Employees of the Year 2014 - 2015

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Lana Hiskey

Nebo District Employees of the Year 2014 - 2015

District Employee of the Year – Ronda Crane

Ronda Crane
Secretary – Art City Elementary
Mrs. Crane has been at Art City Elementary for 20 plus years serving the children. She is sweet and understanding with the children, but not afraid to give a firm reminder too. Mrs. Crane gives loving guidance to not only students but also the staff and principal. When Ronda asks, “How you are doing?” She really means it. If she thinks you are not caring for yourself enough, she will strongly encourage you to go to the doctor and make sure you are okay. Ronda brings a family unity to the school. She is the one to plan a bridal or baby shower or even a girls’ night. Ronda is excellent in accounting and finance and keeps our school running smoothly. Ronda is deserving of this wonderful honor.

Rich Lowe
Custodian – Taylor Elementary
Rich is the heart and soul of the school. He can fix anything, takes great pride in our school and keeps the school meticulously clean. It is impressive how Mr. Lowe quickly responds to teacher needs. Mr. Lowe will be here on a Sunday, in his church clothes, just checking on things to make sure they're ready for the week. Most importantly though, the kids LOVE Mr. Lowe. He knows the students by name and makes them feel special. He visits with students in the halls, making them feel priceless! Mr. Lowe takes many students under his wing and gives them a purpose.  There are several instances where Mr. Lowe has given families food and money anonymously. Mr. Lowe was sick last year and missed several weeks of school. The students missed him so much that when he came back, the entire student body chanted, “Mr. Lowe” over and over again and brought him to tears. That moment will go down in Taylor history as one of the best memories ever.

Jerilyn Carter
Special Education Services – Payson High
Jeri ALWAYS goes the extra mile.  She does her job and so much more.  She observes a need with a teacher or a student and takes care of it without delay. She is fun and happy, which makes working with her enjoyable. Jeri not only works hard to help students, but she also works hard to help teachers. Jeri is always willing to tackle any task even if the task is outside her job description. Jeri consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that the education of our students in Special Education at Payson High is top notch.  She builds relationships of trust with each student and has the ability to make everyone feel important and loved.  She carries herself with a smiling grace that brightens up every room. Jeri Carter deserves this recognition!

Tammy Howell
Educational Technician – Park Elementary
Tammy works with our students who go to the Skills class and as a secretary for truant students. She has a genuine love and concern for them. Tammy goes above and beyond to help. She provides service for the students OUTSIDE of work.  Just a couple of weeks ago, Tammy was about to head out of the building at the end of a very hard day; and she turned around with tears in her eyes and said, "I love my job. I have friends that don't like going to work, but I truly love my job and the people I work with here at Park.”  We admire her love and patience with these little darlings that NEED someone to love them!

Becky DeHeer
Food Service – Sage Creek Elementary
Becky has been a loyal and dedicated employee for 31 years. All of this experience and knowledge has given her the ability to run her kitchen efficiently and flawlessly. She is hard-working and considerate of other people. Becky is patient and kind to the student lunch workers and especially patient with our special needs students. She is always cheerful. Becky is also a "Jill of All Trades". She has worked with her hands in creating some of the most beautiful crafts that countless people have enjoyed through the years. Becky deserves special recognition.

Micki Johnson
Micki has transported special needs students for 27 years. She is loving and treats each one with the respect they deserve and the way she would want to be treated. She handles each situation appropriately whether it is a child having a seizure or a behavior issue. Micki goes the extra mile in all she does. She comes to work with a smile and takes care of her students with a happy, positive attitude. Her work ethic is above reproach. She is always on time, happy to be here and nice to all she works with. One of our former students still calls her on the phone. Micki is a great lady and a super employee. She deserves this honor. 

Gentry Valerio
Gentry is always looking for ways to make all the students and staff comfortable. He is willing to work until the job is done, even if it is quitting time. The custodians call him personally because they know they can count on him. He does not want any recognition or attention; but he is a great employee for Nebo School District. Gentry is worthy of this honor.