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June 2014 PEAK Award Winners

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Fri, 06/20/2014 - 3:37pm
Lana Hiskey


Nebo School District showcases our Positive Energy and Kind employees. PEAK Awards are nominated by patrons and recognized by the Superintendent Staff and Nebo School Board of Education.

June 2014 PEAK Award Winners:

Becky Ottesen, Security, Spanish Fork High
Nominators: Diana Applegate
“Becky Ottesen goes above and beyond each day to serve our students. As a campus supervisor, she is tough. And yet, any student can come and talk to her because they know that she truly cares about them. She takes on those kids that most would shy away from and does it will love and compassion. Becky doesn't mince words, and you can always trust what she says. She often works hours beyond her contracted time to help at athletic events and other activities. She loves supporting the students in their activities. The students, as well as faculty and staff, all know, love and respect Becky.”

Coach Cory Green, Coach, Maple Mountain High
Nominators: 2012 Girls’ Basketball Team: Kara Betts, Bre Bate, Jayci & Wesli Peay, and Sadie Williams
“Many of us took AP Biology because Coach Green was the teacher. He encouraged us to always be our best. Coach Green's motto in basketball is ‘lady, scholar, athlete.’ He wanted us to follow that motto explicitly. He was proud of us when we performed well on the court but even happier when we excelled in the classroom. Coach Green is a great example. He rarely yelled at the referees and expected us to have the same respect for the officials, the opponents, and each other. At times we would be discouraged, but he was a positive influence in our lives. Coach Green provided an atmosphere where we not only learned from him but also from each other.”

Melissa Nielson, Counselor, Mt. Nebo Junior
Nominator: Nan Davis
“Melissa treats every student, parent and employee as if they were family. She truly has exceptional listening skills. She treats everyone with respect and compassion. Melissa is a hard worker and spends many hours of her private time doing things to benefit Mt. Nebo students, employees and parents. Our counseling team would be at a loss without her knowledge, skill and willingness to go the extra mile.”

Patti Davis, Planning Time Technician, Barnett
Nominator: Jack White, Cheri Kunz, Angela Stoddard
“Mrs. Davis is ALWAYS smiling and goes above and beyond to help her students enjoy P.E. Class. Patti works extra hard to make P.E. fun and healthy and gears activities at the right level and abilities of each age group. She is very careful to make P.E. a positive experience for each child. If a child is hesitant to participate, Patti encourages them in a gentle and kind way. She is the most willing person in our school to serve and do whatever she can to help every student. Patti knows them all by name and goes above and beyond what is expected.”

DeAnn Carter, Secretary, Spanish Oaks Elementary
Nominator: Jodi Asay
“Just over a year ago, my son was diagnosed with Diabetes. It was the scariest day of my life. I cried myself to sleep in the hospital knowing that I would have to sell my business and be at the school all day to take care of my then seven-year-old son. The following morning I called the school to let them know that my son would not be attending for a few days. They let me know that they would gladly take care of my son’s diabetes. DeAnn has cared for him while he is at school. She checks my student’s blood sugar several times a day, administers snacks based on the blood sugar, and administers insulin shots at lunch time and other times to help my student control his blood sugar. Not only does this ‘guardian angel’ do this for my son, she makes having diabetes a cool and fun thing. They play games like guess my blood sugar and guess the carbohydrate count of today's lunch. My son truly loves Mrs. Carter and knows that no matter what is going on, he will be helped with his diabetes. I could never thank Mrs. Carter enough for all she does. I feel safe taking my son to school. The only word that can describe her is ‘Angel’!”