Springville High Band Receives $10,000 Anonymous Donation - Answer to Wednesday's Challenge

Jordan Goff and Spencer Houck, SHS News Writers

On Thursday, September 22, Springville High band students and band director, Mr. Ben Major, had a huge surprise from Lana Hiskey, Nebo Education Foundation Director—a $10,000 anonymous cash donation to SHS band.

Major said, “All of the money will be spent for band related activities.  Most of the funds will be used to purchase pit equipment.”

Mt. Loafer Elementary Delights Nebo School Board - Answer to Wednesday's Challenge

Principal Blackhurst thanked the Board and Superintendent Nielsen for the opportunity to present. She said, “Mt. Loafer Elementary school is honored and excited to share with you how wonderful it is to be a Grizzly! Mt. Loafer Elementary is in its twenty-first year of academic excellence and most importantly a wonderful culture of student leaders and learners. Tonight, I have brought some of our most amazing, talented and driven students, teachers and parents with me to share how much we love our school. We will first hear from Nelson Barrett.

Nebo Teacher Honored at BYU vs Toledo Football Game

David Jex, Mapleton Junior, was honored at the BYU vs Toledo football game on Friday, September 30. David Jex teaches health, physical education, and weight training. He is the athletic director at Mapleton Junior and the on-site supervisor and Shadow Mountain. David spent countless hours this summer at Shadow Mountain making camp a positive experience for all 712 Nebo students who attended.

Nebo News October 2016

Barnett Elementary Implements Leader in Me Program

Lana Hiskey

In the month of September 2016, Barnett Elementary kicked off the Leader in Me program. This event was designed to help parents and families learn more about leadership and life skills. The program creates a culture of student empowerment based on the idea that every child can be a leader. The concepts are based from Stephen Covey’s book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”.

Nebo Special Education Extravaganza - Answer to Wednesday Challenge

Lana Hiskey

“An incredible day at Diamond Fork Jr. High School!” was the reaction of one helper who attended the district-wide Special Education Extravaganza. The day was full of excitement and encouragement for all those in attendance.  Under the direction of Jo Edan Parker (special education teacher) and Linda Lewis (former PE teacher), the event was more spectacular than they had anticipated.  

Engineering Design Class at Advanced Learning Center (ALC)

Khristen Massic

Brendan Bakker (SFHS), Tyler Christmas (MMHS), Gavin Deschamps (PHS), Noah Eliason (SHS), Kyle Gordon (SHHS), Rebekah Hair (MMHS), T-Rex Larsen (SHHS), Samuel Oliver (MMHS), Nicholas Paduano (MMHS), and Adam Syndergaard (MMHS) are students in the Engineering Design and Development course which is the capstone course for the engineering program at the Advanced Learning Center.

Macey's Perks Rewards and Fresh Market Plus Rewards


Please add your school to your Macey's Perks Rewards and your Fresh Market Plus Rewards. Each year these local grocery stores give back to schools! Last year one school in Nebo School District received $10,000! Click the link below and log into your perks account or your plus account. Select nonprofits and select your school. Each time you shop remember to give them your phone number. You and your school will both receive rewards!


Nebo Grandma Volunteer Surprised by KSL High Five Recognition

Lana Hiskey

Donna “Nana” Baller, a grandparent volunteer at Orchard Hills Elementary, was honored by KSL’s High Five this week for her many hours of service. Lori Prichard from KSL and Julie Warren, Elementary Director, surprised Nana and the class on the 10th anniversary of Orchard Hills Elementary.

Kim Andrews said, “Nana has worked in my classroom for the past four years. She is very pleasant and loves students of all ages. She has a wonderful attitude and is always ready and willing to serve.”

Nebo and Utah County Health Department Flu Clinics

The Utah County Health Department, which includes Nebo's school nurses, will be holding multiple flu and vaccination clinics beginning next week. The following three clinics will be held at Nebo schools.