Helping Students with Muscular Dystrophy (MD) access a general education is a cooperative effort between school, parents, and student. The following list give suggestions for helping a student with Muscular Dystrophy (MD) access a general education.

School accommodations and responsibilities:

  • Establish a good working relationship with the parent/legal guardian
  • As agreed upon by school personnel and parents allow the student more time to finish classwork or exams
  • Give additional time to get from class to class
  • Re-evaluate the student regularly to determine the progress of the disease and them make appropriate accommodations
  • Provide appropriate physical therapy
  • Make copies of lecture notes, overheads, or homework assignments
  • Use flexibility in attendance
  • Give parent/legal guardian advance notice of field trips or other activities which may require necessary accommodations

Parent involvement:

  • Develop a good working relationship with school personnel; provide ongoing communication during the school year
  • Use physician and other medical personnel to train school personnel in learning about MD and how to best manage the disease in a school setting.
  • Provide the school with doctor’s orders for managing student’s MD
  • Provide the school with emergency phone numbers of parent/legal guardian and other responsible individuals
  • Help the student learn his limitations in regard to school activities

Student self-management strategies and responsibilities:

  • Cooperate with school personnel in all MD related accommodations at school
  • Follow doctor’s orders as to the management of MD

*** These are not complete lists of suggestions or accommodations, but they are proven ideas used by parents, teachers, and students to help the student access a general education.